Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another year of Homeschooling!

I am one of those lucky mom's who gets to homeschool there children. I been homeschool my girls for along time. This year my oldest will be done and move on to College where has the time gone. 
We have many fun and wonderful memories to go along with our time.
Yea, it wasn't all a bowl of cherries but what job is.  There are good times and sometimes you say what did I get into then you see them see the light and you smile and say this is why I am schooling my girls. 

We use to live in a RV for the first 5 years of homeschooling and we really enjoy it.   Andy worked at different place and the girls and I did alot of site see. People all over were wonderful and took alot of time with us when went to there museums and other places and told them we homeschool. The girls got to see and learn alot. 
The first year my girls were homeschool we took care of my sister in law who had brain cancer. We live in her house and did 24 hour care for her. It was a hard job. My oldest then one time said Mommy and Daddy you know taking care of Auntie is like watching a snowman melt slowly. She was alot of fun to take care of, but watching someone you love die isn't easy. 
Are time came for us to move and she went to nursing home for 2 months before she went home to be with the Lord.  We love and miss you alot Joann. 
Then two years after that Andy got hurt and ended having knee surgery that end in staph infection that end up in 10 days in the hospital and two months home on lots of medicine. I think the man likes to see how many grey hairs he can put on my head. Over the 26 years he has put alot grey hair with illness. Two rounds of Cancer, broken back. The list go on and on.  Busy man wouldn't you say. 
Then in 2008 we moved his mother in with us and took care of her till the Lord called her home. 
That was another hard one. There were days we laugh, days we cried, days we pulled our hair out and said why did we do this.  Mom, lived with us for two years.  Rest in peace Mom.
Then Andy says who next I said no one not again. Two is enough for me. I did my duty. We will share with someone else. 
My oldest Wolf  daughter is 17 and a senior in high school wow where did the time go. Only a couple of days ago she was born and they were flying her to another hospital because she was early, to little and not ready for the big world. Now she is a senior looking at colleges and other male wolf. (Scary)
Baby Wolf daughter is 15 years old she is our busy wolf. Always on the go, wanting to try new things out all the time. Seeing if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. She gave me a few grey hairs too, right along with daddy wolf.  Broke both arms. Decide to swallow a quarter thank God all turn out ok with that it was very scary time.  But, she makes us laugh all the time. She's our little clown.
We have two dogs Koda Bear and Gonzo along with one Cat Mushu who thinks he is the king of the castle.