Wednesday, October 31, 2012

No! No! No!

That is what I been told the last few weeks.

As alot of you know we are now finish homeschooling here at Wolf Bay. Sad day it was.

So, I decide to go out and find some part-time work.  Yes, I know I haven't been in the work force for over 20 years but I have done alot of things if you would just give me a chance.

But, no you always say no.   Why?   More then likely my age and being out of the work force for so long.
I am not hard to please I am a hard worker and I can do almost anything if you give am chance.  Thats the big work CHANCE..

I have filled and filled out application this last month.  I could do them blind folded.

I have been told no so much its not funny.  I am being to wonder am I worth anything now.

Yes I homeschool for many years but I was also a cook, nurse, taxi driver, teacher, maid, and the list goes on and on.

In between teaching the girls I did take care of my sister in law and mother in law. But, once again that isn't work in there eyes.  

All this time I thought I was doing a good deed and helping others. I guess I was helping others but not me.

I guess I will be a unemployed homeschool mom.

Oh I wouldn't give up someone will say yes one of these time.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Deer and dogs!

Today Daddy Wolf and I decide to get up and hike the mountains.  He hasn't been up there in awhile and the girls have been telling him about the deer and how big they are getting. 

So, we made his coffee not mine.. no way. I will grab a dr. pepper and off we went up the mountain.

It was so beautiful and quiet out.  Could of dropped a pin and heard it hit the trail.

We got half way up and Koda Bear found the deer. It was so cute.

Koda Bear... walk very soft and quiet closer and closer to the deer. 
Pulls his leash to keep getting closer and closer.

Deer... (3 of them)  lay there look at him and one looked up to the sky and did a great big yawn and then all of them  looked at Koda  saying come on its to darn early to get up.

Koda.. want to play I will chase you.

Deer... Oh please just let us rest its Sunday...

Koda... oh come on its so pretty out today.

Deer.. no we just want to rest.

Koda.. Ok fine then I am going on see you all later. He looked up at Daddy Wolf and gave a bark and said lets go they don't want to play.

Deer.. Thanks Koda Bear see ya later.

It was so cute you could almost see and hear them talking to each other. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Where has time gone?

Time has come to say good bye! 

We need to close the our school, we are done.   No more homeschooling! 

Where did the years and time go.

So, many memories made some are good and some aren't.

I will be truthful I wonder some days what I got myself into.  But, others I knew what I was doing and enjoy it.  I think the good out weigh the bad by far.

Yes, it was like any other job in the world you have good days and you have bad days. 

You try to do your best with what you have and enjoy.  

I know I will miss these days and wish I could have them back again. 

But, for right now I am taking one day at time and doing some fun things with the girls.



Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tires! Winter! Snow! and Ice!

Well you can tell I have been out the loop for awhile.  Been in the South way to long.

I forgot what it cost to get a nice set of winter tires on your car to drive safely in the winter time in the mountains. 


Called several stores to find out what the price was for a set of four tires to go on our truck for the winter.  


When I was done and talked to Daddy Wolf about it I told them they wanted both of arms and legs for the tires.

Wow, they are high but you know what they are something you need to have to survive the nice wonderful winters in the mountains.. 

Went to the top of our mountain to see the snow, its so beautiful to see all the deer, rabbits and other animals running around in the snow.

So, this week end when Daddy Wolf is off we need to go bite the bullet and get those tires on the truck so we can take the girls way up to the top and do some sleigh riding and things.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Me and the Alarm Clock!

Don't you just love alarm clocks...  not. 


Just the thought of them going off makes me nervous. I like to wake up on my own not by a stupid thing buzzing or singing in my ear.

I know I  can't wake up that early to get Daddy Wolf off to work so we have to use that wonderful alarm clock.

Today me and the alarm clock had a wonderful talk and I lost.

Alarm clock..... buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  buzzzzzzzzzzzzz  buzzzzzzzzzzzz

Me....    No No No go to sleep.  Hit the alarm snooze button.

Alarm clock..  ok you hit my snooze button I don't like that I wanted you up the first time so I will only get louder. BUZZZZZZZZZZZZ  BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ BUZZZZZZZZZ

Me... oh please stop and go back to sleep hit the snooze button one more time.

Alarm Clock...   ok you done it this time  I will only get louder and louder until you pull that hind end out of under the covers and get up. BUZZZZZZ   BUZZZZZZZZZ  BUZZZZZZZ

Me... Oh why? I don't want to get up, its so dark outside and nice and warm under these covers and I am so tired..

Alarm Clock... BUZZZZZZZ I wouldn't give up so you might as well get up and get it over with. Next time go to bed earlier.

Me... Alright alright I am up but can't you wake me up nicer next time..

So, up we go and off we go to work and play we shall go..  And once again the alarm clock won.
One day I will be stronger then clock and beat him.   But, that will be awhile yet.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The wonderful bad four letter word!

Don't we all love to hear that bad four letter word in the weather. 

Its not those wonderful pretty sound of the rain coming down. Nope not that four letter word.

Its the wonderful pretty cold white stuff that comes out the sky just like rain its SNOW!


Yes that is what the weatherman is saying around here.  Snowflakes just a dusting. But, the mountains could get some, several inches.   

Kind of earlier but you know what I learn we have no control over the weather. We would love too but it don't work that way.  So, I will sit back and watch it fall.   One flake at a time and enjoy being inside in a nice warm comfortable house.  

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Under the weather!

Don't you hate it when your pets are under the weather and can't tell you what is wrong with them.

Our Koda Bear has been under the weather for a couple of days. The diarrhea has got him down. Don't know if its a bug or something he ate on one of our hikes in the mountains.  We been telling him its bad and he still does it the turkey.  
Hope today is the last day for him.. I took all his food aways except his water for 24 hours hoping that will help and he can get back to being our bear again.

He is a cute pie and keeps us going the girls love the big bear and we all hate to see him down.

Other then having the diarrhea he doesn't act sick is ready for walks and ready to play and ready to go. So, hoping this passes soon.  Get better soon our Bear we love ya tons.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Legs are screaming!

Wow! My legs are screaming at me today..

Yesterday the girls and I went up this mountain and it was one of the steeps mountains I have climb in the last 3 months. 

It was up and up and up. Yes, I know to get to the top you have to climb up. But, the other mountains we climb usually had some flat to let you rest. This one just keep going up and up I think they had a 2 minute flat the whole time. 

My youngest turns around a couple of times and says take bigger steps mom. I looked at her who is 7 inches taller then them and said if I did that I would be doing the split. I am taking as big of steps as my little legs will take.

We made it finally and it boy was it worth it the view was just plain breathe taking. 
Could see for miles.

Well we couldn't rest long it took us to long to get to the top and we need to go get daddy wolf from work. 

So, the girls looked at me and said are you ready mom. I said yes I am.

So, marching we went. Then we got lost and had to climb more up to get down. Now how did that happen well leave it to us and we can get lost.

My oldest said you all see anything that looks like something we seen before. The youngest speaks up yea the green trees. LOL

We made it to the bottom and the girls both looked at me and said are you tired mom. I said no but my pants are.  Its a joke we have in the family.  We went hiking when the girls were younger and the little one keep stopping and we ask her what was wrong are her feet tired she said no but my shoes are.  LOL    So, I told them my pants were tired.

Well this morning got up to take the dogs for there morning walk up the mountain. The whole time my legs were screaming.

Legs:   What the heck are you doing to me?  Didn't you just use me to death yesterday. 

Me:  Yes, I took you up a steep mountain. I know you hurt but I have to use you or you will get stiff.

Legs:   I don't care if I get stiff I can't do this anymore.  I hurt.

Me:  Come on we are almost to the top we can do it.

Legs:  OK but I will be truthful I don't like this. 

Me:   I am sorry I will rest a bit when I get home ok.

Legs. Ok lets get moving then.

Me:  Ok so off we went made it up and back.

Now I am taking a much needed break and letting the legs rest a hour then I have housework to do.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall is in the air!

Not only are the trees just beautiful, the nice cool wind and watch them blow all around is wonderful.

These are some trees in our neighborhood..

Girls had a blast playing in the leaves with dogs and throwing them at each other.

They are so beautiful.. just takes your breathe away.  

Girls chasing the dogs. 

Me and my oldest just being silly in the leaves.
Another beautiful tree!  Just breathe taking.. The colors are so beautiful...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Night Owl!

Sometimes I feel like I am a night owl.. I don't know where the days go that I can't seem to get everything done in the day times. 

I guess its to many hikes up the mountains and doing to much outside in this wonderful weather and when I come in at dark I have to do all my work I should of done in the day time.

Oh well life is short I will have plenty of time to sleep later. 

I enjoy spending all the wonderful time with the girls. We seem to have so much fun together and they are so special and so much fun to be with and make me laugh all the time.

Today we hike up a mountain and when we got to the top I was tired we pulled out a blanket the oldest did some drawing the youngest read and mom aka me.. fell a sleep it was so peaceful and quiet the birds were singing a wonderful song it put me to sleep. 

These are the birds (chickadees) that put me to sleep.. they have a very pretty voice so relaxing.

Well need to get off and get some work done the dryer is saying its done..

Monday, October 8, 2012

Clean! Clean! Clean!

Today we started our day bright and early got up around 4:00 am and got busy with house work. 

 I don't know where all these little dust bunnies come from but we seem to never have trouble finding them and them finding us. 


I wish there was a way to tell those little guys we don't like them or a way to make something out of them because I could find enough too.

My girls were both right in there working away with me.
We called my oldest little Ms. Cinderella.  She is one who don't care for house work much but then again who does its one of those ugly chores you have to do. LOL

Goulash is cooking for supper tonight it smells so good in here.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Popcorn, sweet corn, pumpkins and Fun!

The other day we went to pick popcorn, pumpkins, sweet corn, garlic, and onions

We had so much fun. The weather was great couldn't ask for better. The girls had fun going through all the corn stalks and picking the corn, and pumpkins.  Even got Andy out there in the stalk.

                         hmm I think this one is just the right one to get and paint a 
                         face on let me look nope  wouldn't work not round enough. 

                                            Adrianna in the pumpkin patch with mountains in 
                                         back so beautiful.. 

                                         Wow am I really that short.. Me (Kris) with my 
                                        oldest picking pumpkins. 

                                          Our little Cassie with her Dad in the pumpkin


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Enough is enough!

When life hands you lemons


you make lemonade 


well guess what I don't care for lemonade and I am tired of making lemonade and giving it away to everyone else. 

I think enough is enough

They keep telling me the Lord will not give you  anymore then you can handle.  I think my plate is full and I handle enough I don't want to do it anymore Lord...   Enough is enough.
I am a sweet person and willing to share so if you would like to take some of this off my plate and let someone else have for awhile that is ok with me.  I like to share.