Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What a pretty day!

Can't ask for better weather this time of the year. Got 68 out today. Other then being windy out it was wonderful.  Can't have everything or we wouldn't like the prefect days all the time.  Weather man says some frost tonight. Went out and mowed the front lawn today and put out some Christmas things to make it look like Santa is coming. 
Now need to start baking. Need to sit down this week end and make a list of what we want to bake and then get started.  We love to bake several kinds of cookies but always make small batches so we don't get tired of them.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cutting down our tree

Over the Ocean and through the City to Tree farm we headed.
We had a great day looking through trees for that right one. 
We found one just standing there all along, needing a home
so on went the gloves out came the saw and down came the 
16 foot tree.  Loaded that tree on the wagon and dragged it back
to the van. Load it up and off to home we went. 
Now its time to dress the tree up for Jolly Ole Saint Nick.  

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

School done till Monday!

Here at Wolf Bay High we are off till Monday. Going to take a Holiday break, go cut down our Christmas tree. Hope the weather cools down a little to make it feel like Christmas not July. 

Finish the school day yesterday on a good note.  Big Wolf Daughter has three subject to finish up and she is done with High School wow where did the time go.
Baby Wolf took a Civics exam and got 100 percent. Way to go Baby Wolf.  We studied hard on that one. 

Happy Thanksgiving Blogger Friends hope you all have a Wonderful Day!  

Monday, November 22, 2010

Maybe its I try to hard?

I don't understand people sometimes, but maybe I'm not meet too.  Who knows?  With e mail and texting now days, along with the phone why is hard to keep in touch.  You text someone and or send them a e mail and it takes forever to get a respond. Yes, I understand we are busy. I am too. I work outside the home forty hours a week, come home and homeschool two teen age girls, take care of our house to keep it running, including bills and all. Yes, I run the Wolf Daughters here, there and ever where too.  
What I don't get is if you have the time to read the darn thing, why can't you text back, its fast and easy and say sorry busy talk later. Then we will get the point.
I have given up on texting, e mail and calling people. They are going to have to do it to me first. I don't care if they think I mad or whatever but I am tired of always being the first one to do the move and then they never respond or when they do 3 days later oh I am sorry we could do this with you we were busy. Ok you read the dam text or e mail had time to do that why didn't you have time to respond a short note and say busy sorry can't make it, bingo done. Wow that was easy. 

I have done this way to long and when I don't they will say we thought you were mad you haven't text or e mail in awhile. Well honey now the tables are turn. Lets see how you like it. We are busy here at Wolf Bay High but I always though its nice if someone e mails, text or calls you, you can take two second to say sorry we are busy thats all not much.   
I remember it was along time before we got texting at Wolf Bay High. Everyone told me get it, its worth it the only way we keep in touch. LOL yea right. Another joke. 
Anyway we are going to get busy again here at Wolf Bay High.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turkey out!

Getting ready for the big day. Got a smoke turkey today and all the trimmings to go with it.
Now need to get the little Wolf Daughters to make the pumpkin pie and then we are ready for a nice big feast. 

Then the day after we are off to get our tree. Looking at getting a 14 to 16 foot tree this year. 
We will cut it our self. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Still thinking this over and wish I could help more!

If you been reading my posts alot of you all will know I talked on this subject before. Its Bullying will it stop.
My answer will always be the same the answer is no it wouldn't.  I think the only thing we can do is try to control it but I think it will always be there as long there are people. 
Bullying is not only in school or with children. I have seen it with adults for many years and still see it.
Yes, I try my best to please everyone and found out that don't work. Just please your family and love ones the others well, be nice but don't please them it will never work.  Just be yourself and let others know you are human you make mistake, you are doing your best, and are willing to learn.

Since I went back out in the work force which I have been out of for many years. I see alot of bullying with adults. Wow! and they yell at children to stop it. Come on it has to stop with us. If they see us doing it they will do. You know the saying monkey see monkey do.  Well that is true. 
I see where no one will take the blame for anything its always someone else fault.  But, that's the America way its always someone else fault.  I don't understand why. I will give  you all example we use to be in a couple of groups down here and we left for the reason of bullying. But, you will more then likely guess it, one of them was our fault. But, I try to talk to the person but they wouldn't listen. Baby Wolf was hanging out with there son and the mother of the son wanted more of it ( like boyfriend and girlfriend) and Baby Wolf just wanted friendship. One day at a outing the mother came to me and said what are we going to do about this I said I am not going to get in the middle of it my Baby Wolf is almost 16 she is old enough to make up what her mind. I will not pick her friends let alone her boyfriend. Well you guess it our name became mud we were the bad guys again, because Baby Wolf wouldn't date there son. Well it hurt us alot it really did we did alot for this family and thought we were good friends.  I mean FRIENDS nothing else and because the mother wanted more it end up bad. Why? I never will understand, why they had to pass all the rumors about us, saying to others we said this, we did this. Hey hold on to your pants your mouths were running too. Stop now and grow up. Wow!  you see bully never stops and never will.  But, like I tell everyone I will never pick a boy for my Wolf Daughters. No I wouldn't  it has to be up to them. I will not live with them, so I feel I can't tell them who to pick. I can give them ideas or tell them something I see but doesn't mean they have to listen its a idea.

I wish I could talk to millions and millions of children about bullying. I was bully all my life. All through school. I want them to all know there are people out there who have been there. There are people who would help if you need it. Don't feel like you are the only one on that line out there ready to break. There is help.

I just don't get where people get off hurting people, never did. I always tell everyone we were put on this Earth for some reason. Yea, we all don't do the same thing, wear the same thing, drive the same thing, live in the same place. Some believe in God, others don't. Some go to church, others don't, that don't make us all bad.  But, we all have feelings.  They hurt the same way.  I am so glad we all don't do the same thing it would a very boring world.  

We need to remember that some need a little more help in on a subject or job then others.  We should help them not hurt them.   Like I tell my little Wolf Daughters.  Some kids talk or walk earlier then others that don't make them smarter then me or you. Just make them do something faster. You might read or do math sooner then them. Does that make them smarter no. It just shows you can do something faster.  That is why there is so many things out there for us to do. 

If we are skilled in something we should be proud and help those that need it. Be proud to teach or help others with your skill and know they love it too. Be patient with them and let them know you will be there to help. 

Don't bully and adults we need to stop it, before we can stop it in school.  Yes, we are here to pretend our children to show them the path to lead. Not to be bully.  Yes, we want our children to do this and that, but doesn't mean they will. They are human have minds and will do what they feel leads them there way. We have to be proud of who we are and who are children are.  Don't judge people for not doing or wearing something you don't like, they might be proud of it. We don't know what is going on in there minds.
 Also mom's and dad's don't judge a family because your child wouldn't date your son.  Your son is old enough to speak for him self. Same with daughters just be there to support them. There will be happy times and times of tears but love them for who they are be proud. 

I know my Wolf Daughters are our Proud and Joy.  Daddy Wolf and I are here to lead them on the right path. Will they go off the path I am sure they will they are human. But, I know one thing I will be there for them and tell them I am proud no matter what they chose to do.  Mistake they make that is what helps us learn by making mistakes and fixing them. 

We all are human and people talk and it will always be that. Which is fine but we don't need to bully people. 

Keep your head high, be proud of who you are and remember someone out there loves you and will be there for you no matter what. Just ask. Don't be afraid to ask, don't think by asking for help will mean there is something wrong with you . No way!  Like I tell everyone there is never a dumb question and I say the same about there is never a dumb person if you ask for help in anything.

Many days I wonder what kind of person I would of been if I could of talk to someone anyone. As I am typing this I have so many tears and so much pain. I say WHY?  Why did they do that?  I remember asking a teacher one time in school for help and that was the last time.  I see it yet to this day, like where I work and the group we were in. So I will end this with PLEASE if you are reading this and feel you are  being bully because you dress different then others, drive something different then others, live in a house different then others, married someone different then others wanted you too, or became something different then others wanted you too,or don't go to Church or believe in God differently then others want you too, doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you, you are special just like the other person. ASK for help and don't feel bad. I am here if anyone wants to talk. I will not judge you I will try my best to help. 

We all are special people in our own way! 


Thursday, November 18, 2010

To many to choice from!

Picking a electric company in Texas is like going to your local grocery store and picking out cereal.
Why do they have so many and they range in big different. Come on isn't electric, electric guess not.
Growing up North in Wisconsin I don't remember ever have a choice it was always CPL. Down here they got electric just for your area. Now its that time of the year for me again to do the search to see who will give me the right deal. One thing I learn they all promise you this and that,  but don't forget to read the fine print, that tells it all.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Where does the time go?

Sitting here planning out the Thanksgiving meal and wondering where the time went, wasn't it just Halloween.
I thought I was putting pumpkins outside and finding costumes for the little wolf's the other day. Now I am planning Thanksgiving and wondering if I want to hit the Black Friday Sale or just stay home and go after.
I don't really care for crowds, I don't think anything is worth the headache. But, then again it might be. 

Hmmm will have to see. 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

What a great Man and smart one!

I was up and going early this wonderful cool morning in the south. Had tons of things to do and guess what didn't get much done, got on facebook and talked to a classmate of mine. I talked to him a few times before but never this long and this deep.  Wow! when I got done with him I felt so good. I wish he was closer I know between him, me and another class mate Frankie I know we would try our hardest to take this bully stuff out.   I then went and had lunch with my wonderful hubby and was talking to him about it and he said as long as we have people it will never stop. I agree its still going on I see it in alot of adults too.
When things slow down I plan on adding bits and piece about my life and things I went through and how I felt. Some day I hope to put in a book. I know alot you will shake our heads you wouldn't believe it. But, like I told Steven I think the reason I am the way I am today is what I went through in the pass it sure made me a strong person. Sometimes I look at people that hurt me and think ok its in the pass lets get on, then my next breath is scare to let it go will they come at me again. Steven stated that sometimes some of the things that were done by these people we had to remember they were kids when this happen, yes that is so true, we all change I agree with that. But, why can't others see that and give it up.  I know I told him some things I think shock him about what happen and still does with a few people.  You know the saying what goes around comes around. There times a comin.  Will I feel sorry for them? Yes, because I am that kind of person I don't want anyone to ever go through what I went through and then have to fight day in and day out and ask yourself is it worth it. Is it worth getting out of bed and put your shoes on. Well back then I would say no. Now I would say yes, I have a wonderful husband, two great Wolf Daughters and I meet some wonderful Classmates that are helping me through this. Thanks again Steven and Frankie you two rock where you two been all my life.  Thanks Facebook for helping me find them.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Wondering will it Change.

Well we are back to the bully thing. I been hearing alot about it on our local news about how all these kids are being bully in school. Will it change?  No I don't think so.  Why? Because when you have tons of people together you are about to meet someone that you just don't get along with.  That's where the bully starts. 
Its sad but so true. Like I said in my other post I was bully so much in my high school years I wouldn't know what its like not being bully. 

What I feel the kids need is some strong parents to stand behind there children be there to back them up and give them all the support they need.
I will tell you one thing, one person ever bad mouths or hurt my little Wolf's they better be ready to meet this Mama Wolf and I will tell you my claws will be out in full. 

I never had the support from my mother. But, I broke that tie and I will be there for my Little Wolfs as long as I breath. 

Life is just to darn short, why can't people get a life and find something better to do then pick on people. To me I always felt they were small and couldn't find someone there own size to pick on so they go to the littler ones or they are trying to think they are big and better. 

Well guess what God made us all. Yes, some of us are big, some are small, some have long nose, some have short, some of us are white, others are black. I don't care we all are the same, might not look the same or dress the same but we are human.  

Remember next time you pick on someone, it could be you next time, would you like. I am sure you wouldn't I never like it like I said before I want to go hug all those children that are now being bully and tell them hang your heads high be proud of who you are.  Don't let them get you down. Its not easy. Its hard but remember to talk to someone important in your life and let them know what is going on.  I don't feel bad when those who bully get in trouble. I wish many times in my life they would of done something to those who bully me. I am sure they all are sitting there now saying I didn't do it. Yea right. I know I am not perfect yet today. I don't have a perfect body. I am proud of who I am. I do have along ways to go.
But, every day I look up and thank the Man who made it all possible for me to be where I am today.
With out I don't think I would be where I am. Many times I thought of ending my life rather then going through what I had to day after day.  

If I could talk to the ones that bully others I would tell them, how would you like it if you were pick on day in and day out. How would you feel if someone took there life because of you? 
I know the ones that pick on me, I don't think if I took my life it would of done a think to them. 

If I could talk to those who are being bully I would tell them. Talk to older adults let them know. If it doesn't seem like you are getting any where with that person then go to the next. Keep talking there is someone out there who will listen.  Be proud of your self you are beautiful we all are. Maybe not in away they think we should be. But, then again who are they?  

I really want bully to stop. Every time I see it on tv or hear it on the news I have tears in  my eyes so many memories come back to me.  I get goose bumps and I sit and think and wonder what are those people doing now that had so much fun bully me through my high school years. Who are they bully now? Or did they grow up and stop. Then I say I don't care, I don't care if I ever see them again, they are nothing to me. I have a wonderful family, I don't need them.

My heart goes out to all those being bully. Hang tight, talk, talk, talk to a older person. Don't give up if that person wouldn't listen there is someone out there that will. Sometimes it takes more then one person to listen.

(((((((((HUGS)))))))))))  I"m  here for anyone who needs to talk or if I can help let me know. I will help in anyway I can. We need to get this to stop its been going on for to long.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature!

Now how do we tell Mother Nature its November and its almost Thanksgiving time,time to cool down some. Had to turn the a/c back on again just to darn hot and humid out again. I  had to go look at my calendar and make sure it was November and not June. 
Bring on the cool air. I would like some cool weather so I can cook the turkey and not sweat. Then comes Christmas baking how can you bake in hot weather. I know turn a/c on. LOL
But, I guess we have to take whatever we get, we have no control over it.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

American History

Wow learning today about all the great things that happen in American and some things you want to forget. But, like I told the Wolf Daughters to learn something sometimes we have to learn some of the things that didn't work. That is what makes us stronger. We learn from those that already done it and know it didn't work.  We also learn somethings we know we don't want too. 
But, that is what makes us stronger. 

Big Daughter Wolf is teaching us alot of neat  Spanish words. Today we got to listen to a story and I was lost again.  But, Big Wolf help us. It was a great story.   The story kind of went with History don't give up keep trying and learning from others.  

Monday, November 8, 2010

Teaching Textbook!

We love Teaching Textbook at Wolf Bay High!  We were having troubles with Math and did lots of research on how we could help the little Wolf's when we found Teaching Textbook.  They are wonderful. I would tell anyone who's child is having trouble with Math to check them out.
Oldest Wolf daughter has gone through all them.  We had to put her in college Math now and she is loving Math.  Baby Wolf use to hate Math Day's until we got Teaching Textbook. 

Now I just need to talk to Teaching Textbook and have them do other subject.  
Then my Little Wolf's would love school every day!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Well voting is done for now for a while. That's good now we can get back to some good commercial on tv once again.  I am confused about all of it and I don't think I am the only one out there that is.  But, you see all you see on the news, read about in the newspaper, hear about it at school how they want bully to stop in the schools.  Well we adults need to grow up and stop it too.  All the commercial on tv before voting is about how so and so did this in the pass and its usually nothing good we want to hear about it.  Usually something about some sex thing or something that we could all care less about. Come on grow up, put those big girl or boy's panties on and get over it.  Yes, each and everyone did something in our pass we aren't proud of and wish we didn't but hey that's the pass that's the part of growing up we all make mistakes to learn. Some of us are just a little bit more mature and admit we did something we aren't proud of but we grew from it and now we are ready to be adults and get on with life. 

So, if we want bully to stop we need it to stop on tv and adults need to get put on there big boy or girl panties and say hey we are the adult now and we need to show example to our little ones. Let them know its not right, we been there and done it. 

Every other commercial before the election was how so and so did this and it happen 20 years ago. So, what. He or she has grown up and we all change give them a chance. They can't do any worst then anyone else that's been in office now. 

Now that elections are over with lets drop it and go on with our life. Yes, we aren't happy with whom is in office or some of are. But, they all seem the same to me. They promise us a golden gate bridge and when it comes down to it we get a wooden gate.  That's people, we promise and say what ever we can to get through the door and once the door opens we don't know what to do. Or we look at it under different lighting and say wow I promise that there is no way that will happen as long as I am office.  I feel right now they all talk about the same thing just to get behind the door. Once there are behind the door they are lost.  Could I do any better I don't think so. Could I do any worst don't think so.  So, who won, won and who lost, lost. You know in every game we play there is a winner and a loser. That's the same with the election. Those who won are happy and those who lost aren't.  We all need to put our big boy or girl panties and stop calling names and blaming this system or that for not winning or why we lost. No one wants to take the blame for anything now days. 

Where am I am going with this thread.  Well what I am saying if we want bully to stop we need to stop it with adults first.  Children of all age learn from us and if they see we get away with why can't they. 
I want bully to stop more then anyone I was bully so much in my life and I am tired and want to enjoy life. What did bully do to me?  Well it make me weak. I don't trust anyone. I am scared to make friends. I am scared to tell anyone about anything afraid I will slam down once again. 

You know Mama said life is like a box of chocolate.  We never know what we will get.  That is for sure. 

We need to all stand up be proud of who or what we are and act like adults. Help our children and stop the bully.  It's not getting us anyway in America.  I don't feel in my heart bully will ever stop I never seen it yet. Not as long as you got people it wouldn't. 

I just say if you a friend you can trust to talk too, hold on to that friend.  Life is short and we all need someone to lean on and yes we all have good and bad days. But, hey that's life and from bad we make the good.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Love the Cool Weather!

Sitting here tonight with all the windows open wind blowing in and enjoy the wonderful sound of little ones playing outside in this nice cool weather.  Its almost like you can breath again and walk outside with out having to worry about taking a bath right away as its so hot and humid. 
I love the smell of fresh air coming through the house.  Makes everything seem better. Makes me want to bake more. Hopeful it will be cool this week end when I am off so I can bake.

Studying for a math Exam today for Big Wolf daughter she just loves math.  Done every math class in high school working on college. 

Baby Wolf is working on driving and getting her English done for the year.

Daddy Wolf is busy writing a book and working.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

School! School! School!

We are off to a great start today at Wolf Bay High time for some exam.  Yea, the little wolf cubs are saying oh Mama Wolf why do we have to do these.  Well I tell them its to see where they are at and how they are doing.  No one likes test but its one of those things we have to do in life.  So, we are doing Math and Civics today.  So much fun right.  Way to much fun at Wolf Bay High. 

Nice cool crisp morning here in the South for a change.  Feels so refreshing and great. A little gloomy but hey we can't have sun all the time or we would get tired of it.   But, I will be truthful with you all these days make you want to go right back into the nice warm bed and sleep and read the day away. 
No luck for that today.  Maybe next gloomy day. 

Apple/Sage pork loin in slow cooker going away and making the house smell so fall like for supper tonight will make mash potatoes and green beans to go with. Oh and some homemade bread. Love that on cool days too.  Wow!  So many things you make on cool days.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November all ready!

Where does the time go? The calendar says November but the weather outside doesn't or I should say it didn't yesterday it was 90 outside, last night we had a storm go through and lost to of our school desk tops. Good ole lighting storm.  Sure drop the temps. though, thats the best part of it. Today only suppose to be in the 70's wow I hope so need some refreshing air to clean out all these germs going around.  You know those little buggers love to high all over the place and its nice once in awhile to air them out. 
Need to get busy and get Christmas going here.  What to do this year?