Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Fun Day at Wolf Bay High!

We made it through another Monday, why is it Monday's are always busy.  Started with getting Daddy wolf to work, then Mama wolf and her two doggies went for a mile and half walk boy it was hot but we made it. Came back both wolf pups up and shower ready for school.  Big wolf went to study her biology, big exam on Wednesday.  While she was studying that. Baby wolf and I went and did some English we are learning how to point out a simple, compound, complex or compound complex sentence.  Wow was that a chore.. Baby Wolf wanted to throw the book in the trash a couple of times but with tons of reading and doing over and over again we got it and we seen the light.  Way to go Baby Wolf I know you had it in you.  Sometimes school is just not fun, even at Wolf Bay High. 
While Baby Wolf went off to study for driver's permit.  I went to Quiz Big Wolf daughter.. Wow now I went from learning different sentences to learning about DNA and RNA and how in the future you will be able to pick out your babies hair, eye colors and other things. WOW what happen with leaving it in Gods hand.   After that us Wolf had enough studying for awhile we took a break and had some lunch.  Then went back to school, where Big wolf  daughter is learning about the middle East in History  and Baby wolf went to do her math.  What a wonderful day here at  Wolf Bay High we got alot of learning in, alot of things done and we even had time to make Daddy Wolf some homemade Meatball Subs for dinner.  

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Where do people get off, telling others what to do?

I am so lost at this maybe some of you wonderful people can help. I been lost with this for along time.
Where do people get off telling others what to do, or how to raise your children.  It started a few years ago when we move to Texas and joined a homeschool group and we got judge because one of my wolf's was reading Harry Potter.. She wasn't talking to others about it she was by herself unlike another girl in the group who wore outfits and things from Harry Potter but wasn't picked out like us.  I think the only reason was because her parents might of had more money then us I don't know thats the only thing I see different then what we did.  Then there tons of ladies telling us how to raise the wolf's. We should do this or that with them. Then they would start talking and come to find out they had there child at age 15 and there wonderful husband use to be in alot of drugs. Ok that's great. Yes, we all change in life I do understand that.  I do agree we all learn from our mistake. But, I try hard not to tell others how to raise there children as I am not with there children or I am not them. I also know my little wolfs and me aren't prefect and we have alot to learn. I also try hard not to judge people because I am not the person to judge.  I would give my shirt off my back to anyone. I would and have gone out of my way for others. But, why do those kind of people try to tell you how to raise your children. I think they need to seat back and take along look at there lifes.  I think alot of them think because they are born again Christian they are better then others. Like I said we shouldn't judge I don't want to judge maybe they have a reason for it. I don't see it through, maybe I need to look harder. I do blow most what they say off, but when the little wolf's hear it and it hurst them, then they mess with Mama Wolf.  Just trying to figure out why people always have to judge someone for one thing?  I didn't judge them for there past?  Oh I know get off the band wagon and play the flute...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Where should they smoke? If they want to smoke...

The other day the little wolf's and I went shopping we had to go to good ole Wal mart then HEB well as you all know getting close parking sometimes isn't easy.  That's ok us Wolf's love to walk and need the exercise. Anyway, we park at Walmart first to get our school stuff. While we were walking in baby wolf said Mom why do they have  the employees smoke right up front. I said that's a good question. Then Oldest Wolf said you know mom they are telling kids not to smoke all the time then they have employees do it right by the door to go inside.  I said I will have to write them and see what they say.   We got our stuff went off to HEB to get milk and ice cream. All wolf's need ice cream in the hot summer dry days of Texas.  Once again as we were walking in right by the front door of our local HEB where there employees smoke.  Wow what example are they showing the younger kids?  So, after we got home I got on the computer and wrote both companies and told them how I felt and said it just doesn't look right having to walk by a bunch of smokers when the winds blows the smoke comes right to you. Well I haven't heard a thing back from HEB but did hear  from Wal Mart they were nice and thank me for writing them and telling them about it. But, they didn't have any better areas for there smokers to go. As they can't smoke in a public building, I said what about the back,  why can't they walk to the back  to  smoke. She said because trucks come in and out all the time and they might be in the way. I said wow that's funny.. can't you put it to the side she then stated they were trying to get a building up front for the employees I said I still don't get why they can't smoke in back and she then said something about alarms that would go off, ok make something or have someone there to check them in and out some thing.  I don't get it. She thank me and said she would pass my idea on. then then told me that if I didn't want my kids to see them smoke I should park farther away and walk the other way. LOL   Well guess what today went for a fast milk run and the smokers are still there.  Now I have nothing against smokers its there choice to smoke or not smoke but what I am saying if we are trying to teach our children not to smoke its bad for them.. then what is this showing them. To walk the other way.  I am lost. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Got to Love Walmart!

The other day I went to our local wal mart to get some items... while I was there I was walking down the center of the store and they had carts full of school items on sale.  One item caught my eye it was the Sharpie fine point permanent markers.. they were two for a dollar. I thought wow that is great  Daddy Wolf use these all the time at work I will pick some up for him... So, I throw three packs in my cart went on my way to get the milk and bread I came to get.  Well you know Wal Mart they have a hundred check out counters but only two or three open. I had only five items so I thought hey I will go to self check and get out faster. Went over to do my business, did the milk and bread then went to the markers oh my stars I cause a show.. next thing I knew those lights on the top of each station was going off red with a sirens noise, then out of no where came the manager and the security.  They looked at me and said what happen I said all I was doing was trying to check out these and held up the markers. They said oh ok well  we just need to know that because you need to 18 to buy them.  Well you know me I spoke up then because by then I was so embarrassed the line was forming behind me and everyone was looking. I said then why do you have them out in the open in the middle of the store for anyone to get. You need to put those babies behind lock and key if you have to be 18 years old to get them.  They just both said yes I understand where you are coming from.  I then said WHY? do you have to be 18 years to buy a marker they said they had no indeed its one of there policy.  Ok another policy that no one knows anything about, the only thing they know is how to embarrass anyone who try's to buy one.  
Just got to love Wal mart they are wonderful.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I just don't understand people!

Maybe its a good thing I don't understand them sometime, but when it hurts my family its hard not too.  We all love people and a good friend one you can trust with your life and stories. One you know that wouldn't tell the world everything but agrees with a lot of what you are saying or has done it and knows how to help you.  Well I am looking for that friend, my dream is to find that friend someday one I can trust, talk too and know what I say wouldn't get back with words add on to it. Knowing darn well we didn't say it or do it.  It all started a few months ago my family was friends with another couple they had two younger boys and the little wolf's hang out with them, they played together well. Well one of there boys fell for my baby wolf. But, baby wolf had no feelings for him he was just a friend. Well the mother and father wanted a lot more. One day at a outing the mother came to me and ask me what we were going to do about it. I told her I don't tell my girls whom to date or who to be friends with. They both are old enough to speak for them self. Well she didn't like that left with so many bad works out of her mouth it would make a drunken sailor look good.   So, sad.  Anyway I thought once she cool off things would work out. It didn't it got worst she went around saying we said all these things and we never did  just because she was so mad because baby wolf wouldn't date her boy. I am so sorry but like I said I don't pick for them.   So, us Wolf's sat down and thought things over and decide it was best we went our own way and not bother with people like that.. Its sad though we did a lot for them, gave them a lot and they upset over something so child like and then had the nerve to pass things on about the Wolf family that isn't true.  I will be the first to say we aren't perfect but we do have heart as big as Texas and will help anyone in a heart beat.  But, after this and the not so nice things going around about the family we will watch who talk too and what we say. I know one thing it will take me a long time to trust anyone.  I do know the little wolf's and I are looking for that friendship if it comes I hope its worth it.  We just want someone we can trust to talk to about this and that. Nothing big.. I know the day will come when we all find someone.  Daddy wolf is great he is our best friend and we love him too. He is looking too, but has trouble right along with us trusting people. Good thing we have each other.

You know I was always told it was free world, there was  the freedom of speech.  What happen to it?

Why do people change other peoples words around?  When you know you didn't say it?  Then when you try to go to the people they said something to they wouldn't listen as they been friends forever if only they knew the truth about what the others said.  But, I don't like to be the one to tell. I want to be a friend others can talk too.  Not ones that go around bad mouthing others.

One time my father told me something before he pass and I believe it to this day. There time is coming.. until then sit back and wait.    

I will wait, and when it does come to them I will watch and not say anything.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Alot of Mom's were posting on there facebook they were sad today as there little ones were going to school as its the first day of public school. Others were posting on facebook they are glad for this day, now they getting a much needed break. I reply to one mom and said I am so glad I don't have to do that I would be crying. She replied by saying I am weird. Oh well I guess I am weird. But, I love spending time with the little wolf's and watching them grow and learn. Yes some days are wow and others are great, but what job isn't that way.  We had fun today at Wolf Bay High trying to figure out where to put linking verb, indirect object,  subject complement, interrogative adjective in sentences but we made it through. Then in History we are learning about Africa government.   Off for a break and little swim in the pool its so hot out 100 before heat index today say triple digit. Haven't looked on the weather bug to scared. But, I will say it is hot out there and very humid.  Oh well just 5 more weeks and we can start looking at some cooler weather.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Antoher hot day in South Texas

Weather man said something today we have 5 more weeks before our lows will be in the low 70's wow thats along ways to go yet. I want winter.  I know it will come fast enough but this heat just takes alot out of a person. Can't stand being outside for 10 minutes, you take a shower to go some place and before you get there you are sweating all over and look bad.   Oh well I guess we all have weather we don't like. 

Daddy wolf was busy today his only day off. He got out the smoker this morning and made some sausage and smoked some chicken breast. They were great. Now he is making home made beef jerky for his little wolf's they been on him about it.  You know those little wolf's just got to whine a time or two and Daddy wolf will do it. LOL   

Back to school for the little wolf's tomorrow. They both had exam on Friday and did great. One was in Word Power the other was English. Nouns, verbs all those good things.  Now off to another busy week at Wolf Bay High.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Boy is it hot!

Did you ever sit and wonder and pray for winter so bad it hurts. Well we have it so darn hot down here you can't go in the pool the swimming pool water is 100 that wouldn't cool me off and the sand is so hot it burns your little feet.  They say the week end is suppose to be really bad.  Guess this family will stay in house and do school.  Baby wolf is busy with English Exam coming up and Big wolf is busy with word power and Spanish Exam.. What better thing to do then teach all of us some Spanish words and maybe we can help her with her Exam.. She is so funny she goes around saying things to baby wolf and baby wolf looks at her like she lost her cookies or something..  But, those who know baby wolf knows she is a drama Queen.  She keeps us laughing all the time. Tomorrow baby wolf is going to stay with some friends over night then they are going shopping at the new mall and it's tax free week end so they are going to go have fun... Daddy wolf is going to take Mama Wolf and his oldest wolf out for supper and then home for a movie.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Slow Cooker!

They say we all have a favorite toy or tool that we just can't live with out or be with out. Well mine is my slow cooker. In this hot weather I hate heating up the house by using the oven so we live and eat out of the slow cooker.  Its going on two week I made something different every night in my slow cooker  so far everything has been good. I went to half price books and found a cookbook called slow cookers bible. Wow its the best has great and simple recipe to make wonderful meals. Tonight its farm fresh ham and potato chowder and bread pudding all in the slow cooker. . smelling good right now in here as I type away.  Nothing like making Daddy wolf happy after a long hard hot day of work.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

When Life gives you Lemons?

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade.   Don't sit back and ask why?  Just take those lemons squeeze them hard and make some lemonade.  Then get a big glass of ice pour the lemonade, grab a book go find a nice shade tree and read and relax and let the wind blow away the worries for a while.  You will feel refresh and ready to go and hit the world hard again, until those lemons pop up again then its time for more lemonade. 

Do, I believe in this yes I do, I believe all things happen for a reason. (what reason I don't know) Its someone up above telling us to slow down and enjoy life and smell the roses awhile.  I believe someone is telling me to enjoy my love ones and show them how much they mean to me.  Sometimes I say why and question?  I get no answers so I just take the time to make the lemonade and enjoy. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Praying for winter!

Was on facebook this afternoon and had some friends from up north saying the trees are turning colors already, I say bring it on. We need some cooler weather is hot down here. Its over 108 with heat index just to darn hot to even go swimming the ocean temp is 89 and our pool temp. is 101 that wouldn't cool me off. 
Daddy wolf went to work today so the little wolfs and I clean and changed all the sheets on the bed. 
Baby wolf is learning to drive. She is to funny. We were driving on a back road I told her to slow down another car was coming and the road wasn't big enough for two so had her get over. After the car pass I said how did you feel she said thats the slowest I could go I took my foot off the gas, I said baby girl you can put your foot on the brake she goes oh. To funny. So, we are out learning how to drive should be getting the permit soon. 
Wow another little wolf driving scary. 
Big wolf daughter is busy redoing her room, and working on her Spanish lesson, she goes around trying to teach daddy wolf and me these wonderful words. Hmmmmmm I don't know they said you can't teach a old dog new tricks, I am beginning to see that. LOL anyway I don't think I will be taking up Spanish any time soon.   I know I am bad, but I feel I live in America I was taught to speak English so why can't they speak my language if I went to there country I wouldn't except them to change there language for me.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Where did the year go?

A year ago today my mother in law  passed away in her sleep.   Where did the time go? 
My mother in law  moved in with us two years before that. We took care of mom so she didn't have to be alone or live in a nursing home.  I will be honest there were days I wanted to pull my hair out and just run away and cry and say what did I get into. Then there were times she would say something or do something that would make you laugh and say this is why I did it.  It wasn't easy taking of my mother in law she didn't care for children and we had two wolfs running around.  So, they butt heads from time to time and that wasn't easy. But, we got through it. Towards the end mom was going through alzheimer and it was getting hard for all of us. She was seeing things, or losing things.  But, we made it through just would re a sure her all was ok and nothing was in her room.  Mom and I had some long talks she told me alot about her family and why things happen and when.  Some things I told her I would never tell and I will keep that promise to her.  Mom, told me a week before she pass that she talk to God and God told her it was her time he was coming to get her.  Daddy wolf and I laughed at her and Daddy wolf her son always joke with her and said Mom you know only the good die young you will be around along time.  I guess mom knew what she was talking about because week later she was gone. I went to do my nightly checks on mom and she was gone, she went very fast and pain free and peaceful..   
I have had year now and its been a different year,  emotions going all over the place.  Daddy wolf her son has been the same way.  It was his mother and he was the baby of the family so he has had some hard times with it. 
We are now trying to look ahead and get one with the little wolfs before they spring there wings and leave the nest. 
Daddy wolf ask me a few days ago would I do this again, my answer to him was no.  I just don't think I can. If I had help or relief once in awhile maybe that would be a different story but with nothing no. We could never go any where longer then 3 hours as we had to be back to give her medication and things.  You always felt trap.  I am glad I had the two years with mom and she had some time with her son but no I just can't do it. 

Mom, thanks for giving me your wonderful son he is the best. He is a great daddy to the little wolfs and a great hubby to me.   Thanks again  and rest in peace.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some things in life just aren't easier!

Sometimes I wonder why all things don't come with a direction. From how to change a baby diaper to what to do when the little one don't sleep.  You can go to Wal mart and buy a stupid remote control and it comes with a book as big as Texas to read how to run it. So, why don't everything come with direction maybe the world would be a better place.  I know I was sitting her last night after the man left that is going to put our house on the market for sale.  Why doesn't it come with direction, telling us where we are going and what we will be doing next. Yes, I am nervous I don't really know what is going to happen. Yes, I am sad to see this house go its only two years old. Its everything I always wanted but its just to hard for  daddy wolf to stay here anymore.  Because his mother passed away in it, even though we don't use the room now.  The girls use it as a game room and to be truthful its hard for me too. To go in there and clean I always think she is there. So, this is a move we have to do. A sad one but we will make it, we are one strong family I just wish I had direction to follow.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Murphy loves to play doesn't he!

Daddy wolf and I decide its time to put our house up for sale and get these little wolfs some place cooler before they lose all there wonderful fur.  So, we have someone coming  tonight to look over the place and talk to us about what will happen.  So, I got up with Daddy wolf this morning, made his coffee, packed his lunch and he got the little wolfs up so we could start school and clean this house.
We had tv on to watch weather said 20% change of rain,  meet no rain right. So, I went a head, washed the car first then came inside got the two little wolf pups busy with school then I started on the carpets.  Got them done, and guess what happen you guess right it decide to rain. Got really dark outside, even heard thunder and then came some rain drops not many just enough to mess up the car I just wash and the carpet. After the dogs come in with muddy feet. 
Doesn't murphy love to play.  Got to love him.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Great Day!

Daddy wolf woke up the wolf pups before he left to go to work, so we could start school. What a great day we had in school. It went really easy and fast today.  Learn about nouns and verbs where to put them in sentence and where not too.  For science we have to look up and did a study on toad we have our yard full of toads all size, big, little ones all over the place, they love our flower garden. So, we did some research on them and then went off to the living room to do some math. Off to lunch then did some reading and washing...  Baby wolf made supper tonight she made potato/crab chowder boy was it great to finish the beginning of the work week off.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Where does the time go?

Late last night when the sun was going down and it was cooling off down here we took the wolf girls to the beach and let them jump the waves. They can spend hours jumping the waves. I sat and watch the girls play away and watched people, yes sometimes its so much fun just to people watch. There were people of all ages and size out there playing away.  Everyone was having a great time.  Daddy wolf was on the phone to his nephew. So, I was sitting in the chair thinking away and saying where did the time go. I was watching the young babies play, the young people in love play in the water and the older ones sitting in chairs in the water, thinking man I remember when daddy wolf and I meet and we went to the beach seems so long ago, then it seems like yesterday, then I watch the little babies playing in the water and  thinking I remember taking my little wolf girls to the beach and let them play in the water and sand, and that also seem like along time ago but then again just yesterday too. 
Now I look at my grown up wolf girls and think wow we have done alot of things together, had a lot of fun, but where did the time go.  So, I was thinking looking out over the ocean and saying to my self enjoy every minute you have with your love ones, life goes by so fast and as soon as you blink your eyes they will be gone and on there own with a family of there own, sitting at the beach thinking the same thing.. 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why? Are people Silly.

To this day I don't understand people and don't know if I ever will. It seems no matter where we go someone will say where do your girls go to school I say I homeschool them they will then say oh that is great. They are very nice girls.  I say thank you. They then have to bring up that darn word I hate the S word.  Social.  See where I am going, they ask are they with anyone else do they social with anyone. I come to the point and say what about me do you ever wonder if I get any social with people my age.
YES, I say YES, they get plenty of that wonderful S word.  You see my girls know how to S with all kinds of people of different ages.  She then said in the public school they don't get much S anymore the teachers are always telling them to eat be quiet and they are even taken the play time away.  I just look at the eye doctor and said I rest my cast.  I just don't understand people why they think school has to be all about the S word.  I thought it was about learning, they never ask about that.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Post Office?

Today I went to the post office as I mailed a important letter out for daddy wolf on the July 7, 2010 to see why I never gotten anything back yet where the other person was suppose to sign. They call and said they have no idea where the letter is or what happen to it. I think I would of been better off putting a forty cent stamp on it and it would of gotten there, the only thing is I need proof they got it, and you don't get that sending it with only a forty cent stamp.  So, what do I do but pay $.558 to get there and it's lost.
So, I came home and printed another one off and said now how can I make sure this one gets there, we need the letter back by August 1, 2010 they said you can do it register mail that is where its under lock and key and only post master handle it. Ok how much is that one oh it's only $13.67 ONLY my stars I wasn't sending it to the other side of the world just 2 hours away.  They said you can watch in on the net I said you could with the other too and it didn't make a differents. They said this time it will work. 

So, dummy me sent it, now lets see if the letter gets there this time?  Man the post office they wonder why they are going down... 

Back to School once again!

Well another year of summer under our belt.  Time for school again. 
Got the little wolf's up today around 7:00 a.m. to mow the back yard, eat breakfast then start school at 8:30 a.m.  While were mowing the back yard there were tons I mean tons of baby toads all over the place, the little wolf's had to stop and pick every one up so we wouldn't run over them.  
School is going great today the girls are both doing History and English and then off to reading and some Math. Fun for everyone today. 
Now's off for Mama Wolf to decide what is for supper tonight, some times I get in this rut of what to make and then I open the freezer and nothing looks good, or everything looks good and it looks like to much work to cook it all.  Maybe Daddy Wolf will grill something out when he gets home as its so darn hot down here to start the oven.  All us wolfs need to hope and pray for winter to come soon. 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Strawberry Jam

Today, got the little wolfs up to make Freezer Strawberry Jam. We made 12 jars of it.  Of course you have to try it out  to make sure its good. So, the little wolfs made some baking powder biscuits to go with the jam.
It was great.  Next week its blackberry jam.
Daddy wolf and oldest wolf off to see a movie.  Baby wolf and I are going to go swim in the pool, not to stay cool the water is to warm for that just to have fun and dream of winter.