Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hot so early!

You got to love the heat right. LOL 

It seems like everyone is getting some very hot temps this year already.  I know over the week end we were talking to friends and family up north by Chicago and they had hotter temps then we did here in Texas.

Wow this weather is really different.  

Need to say prayers and send a thinking of you to all our wonderful friends in Florida who are getting hit once again with another Tropical Storm early for them too.  

Something is changing.  What it is we don't know?  

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Here is a piece of news for you to share! If I were Harvard I would not be proud to say he was a graduate.
When Obama stopped in at Master Lock in Milwaukee Wisconsin last week, he was walking the plant and stopped to talk with a plant employee.
He looked up at the banner hanging on the wall and said to the workers and people around him, "It is great to be in a union shop, especially one as old as this union is " - - -- pointing to the banner. He then said, "A union shop since 1848" - - - and then he went on to talk about what that banner stood for and how important it was to display it and show your union support.
The worker then said to Obama that it was the flag of the State of Wisconsin - - which was founded in 1848. DUH! This was only reported by a local radio station in Milwaukee (11:30 AM) and not by the major news networks - - - they didn't want to embarrass this "got no freaking' clue" President!
Since they didn't do their job of reporting on this presidential visit, the only way for the news to get around is by us - on the Internet.
Do your job; I just did mine, so voters will know what really happened here and just HOW BRIGHT THIS PRESIDENT REALLY IS !!!??? NOT!!
Can you just imagine the national media coverage of this incident had it been Romney, or, heaven forbid, Bush making the same mistake? Instead we get nothing but collusive silence. These so-called "News people" might just as well be on the DNC payroll.
"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not." - Thomas Jefferson -

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Just want to wish all my lovely blogging friends and there families a  Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everyone is out enjoying the day and having a fun time. 

Lets give thanks to all the men and women who fight for us.

Thanks tons without you we wouldn't be where we are today.  Thanks for all the things you do to keep us free. Thanks for giving up so much of your time and life for us.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Is this the answer?

Last night the Wolf Daughters and I decide to go for a walk and get out in the fresh air awhile.   Nothing like fresh air to make everything look and feel better.

While we were walking we seen and heard a wreck.  People that know me, know I will stop and help who ever I can when ever I can.   But, now days you have to be so careful about what you do and say...

When we got to the accident there was another nice gentlemen who stop and help him. The guy that drove the car into two poles was out of the car and saying this is what I get for looking down at my phone. 

In the mean time I notice a great big bump on his head.  I went to look at it and when I got close I could smell the booze on him. I thought yea looking at the phone right.  

I said we need to call for help he said no I can't call the police.. I said well you aren't going to get your car out of here. You can't drive it. Its total.  He said I am calling my friends.  

In the meantime me and the other nice man who stop to help him just looked at each other. He said I need to go but I don't want to leave you ladies with this man. I said thats ok I am leaving too.  So, we left and thank the man for being so nice.  ( its so nice to know there are still wonderful people out there who care for others)  you don't see them much now days.

We left and went a few feet away and then his friend came to try and help him get away. Both Wolf Daughters said mom you should call 911 he shouldn't get away with it. Next time it could be a person he hits.  I thought they are right.  So, I went to get my phone out of pocket and before I could dial someone already called the police they were there. 

The Wolf Daughters wanted to stay back but wanted to watch it from aways so we did. They watch how they put him through all the test and then walked him to the police car and took him to jail.  

I then talk to both Wolf Daughters they ask me how I knew he was drunk I told them there were a few signs. One you could smell it.. two he couldn't even stand up.. three he couldn't figure out how to use his phone.   

I am glad he is off the road and next time I wouldn't think twice I will call right away people like him don't need to be on the road..

So, next time you think you have to drink that is fine but please don't get behind the wheel..  You might take someone else life.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Baby its hot outside!

Wow is it hot outside.. sure takes alot of you when you are out there working.  Feel so drain and tired by the time you come back in. 

The only good thing about it is the wind is high out there now so it doesn't seem to bad..  Till you come inside then you say wow its hot out there.

Got pool up and going.. might have to use it soon.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I think I could go to Oz!

It's windy today if I was Mary Poppins I could go to oz and visit all the wonderful people there.

What a wonderful school lesson that would be all the neat things we could learn and do.

They say winds 50mph alittle high to have a good do today. 

But, hey I love the wind when the temps are in the high 90's with heat index of 103 to 108.

So, this little lady is staying inside and doing lesson plans for next week.  I wonder if we could use oz in our lesson..

I think we could use wind and heat for sure.   So, I off I go. 

Anyone have any good ideas for lesson on weather we are all game for it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


My oh My pools are alot of work to keep up and going. Now I understand why they have to charge so much for you all to go in to swim. 

There is so much work to putting a pool in that is only half of it.

The up keep is something too.   There is tons and tons of things that need to be done its one of those things you have to keep up on or you will regret it if you don't.

I like to swim and I like pools but the work to keep one up is alot.  Is it worth it?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I sit and wonder!

I sit and wonder why does it have to be so hard?  Why do people always make a moutain out of man hill? 

It seems the more you give the more they want.  

The minutes you say no sorry I can't, or could you please do this for me.  They don't want anything to do with you. 

Why is that? 

I think its because you are to nice its time to stop being so nice and start doing what you feel you can do with out stressing  you and your family out. 

If it hurts someone else oh well then they weren't meet to be your friends in the first place.

Look at it this way its there lost not yours.

I was reading article the other day and it said its ok to say NO I need to learn that its ok.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beautiful Day!

What a beautiful day it is outside, alittle warm but hey this is Texas and they like it.  They do not me. LOL

Busy doing youngest Wolf Daughters lesson plans for another week.. where does the time go seems like I just did last weeks lesson plans.

Going to make Chicken Kabobs for supper along with rice and tea.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Times have Change!

The other day Oldest Wolf Daughter and I were going to the store and there was a little girl around 3 years old in the cart with a Ipad. 

I started laughing I told Wolf Daughter I remember when you and your sister were little when we went to the store we took a stuff animal or blanket now its Ipads.   Wow!  

One day a few years back we were at Daddy Wolfs Aunt's house and she was almost 100 then and she was telling us she has seen so many changes.  Then I was just thinking ok.  Then she started going through them and yes she has.  Then the other day I was sitting and thinking wow I have seen alot too. 

Things do change and they change fast.. Even though they say people don't like changes it seems like something is always changing.   Can never keep up with it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Raining Spring

We been having some wonderful rains this spring in South Texas and that don't happen much. Its been nice to see the rain and all the green grass and trees.

Just wish people would learn how to drive in the weather. When it rains slow down. That may mean you have to leave a few minutes early but hey you will get there safe and sound. 

I can't believe all the accidents every time it rains and its usually someone driving to fast.

Why? do people have to drive 100 mph to get some where? 

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Happy Mother's Day to all my blogging Mother's I hope you all have a wonderful day whatever you do.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ok its Used!

Trying to sell a house and living in it at the same times can be hard.

Sometimes I don't understand people they want everything new when they come in. OK that is fine then go look at new. This is a used house and lived in. We try our best to keep it clean and looking nice before you come and see it. 

But, remember some things we have in here are our things so don't get upset know you can personalize it with your things when you buy the house.  

We have to live too. We can't put everything away this is still our home.  We have done our best with putting alot of things away but then again remember we are still living here.

So, if it upset you that bad don't come and look.

I know we don't all have the same taste which is wonderful it would be a very boring world if we all did but you can come in change colors, curtains and put up your pictures as soon as you sign on the dotted line.   So, don't let that stop you.

Good luck looking but like I said if you want new then look new.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Don't Give up!

you know there are days you just want to give up and not do anything and not go on.

But, you know what there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Yes, sometimes it takes us awhile to see it but it is there.

Sometimes we wonder why we are doing this and why we listen to others who are so negative about things.

Homeschooling has always been a big blessing for me and my family. We all are so glad we did it and wouldn't change anything for a million years. 

I never thought I would homeschool through high school but we did, both Wolf Daughters beg and beg to be homeschool.

Like I said many times before and will keep saying homeschooling is a job. A great big important job.   With no pay check on Friday.   Opps thats false you did get a wonderful paycheck, you get your children all day and there love.  Its worth it.  Best pay check out there.

Yea, people tell you millions and millions of time you will mess them up.  They wouldn't be fit for the real world.  Oh yes they will. They will do just fine if not better. 

People tell you can't education them because you don't have the degree or you aren't  smart enough.  Come on look at them and say whatever you want to say. They are doing just fine.

You can homeschool your child no matter what anyone says.  Its not a bed of roses all the time but what is.  Right.

It is worth it at the end of the day. 

Its worth it when you see them get something and jump around they found out something they  didn't know and they now know how to do it. And you help them find it.

When you have a bad day!  Take a break and go for walk or take nice long hot bath and come back at it.  You will see it at better view and know you can keep doing it.

When people say bad things, just look at them and say not all people are the same.  Remember its your child and you know what is best for them no one can tell you. They might not like it. But, thats not your problem.

Just smile and remember on Fridays you might not get a paycheck of money but you get the best paycheck money can't buy and its your child education and there love.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Homeschooling does Rock!

I am writing this for all my wonderful homeschooler bloggers.  

Homeschooling does rock!   Yes, some days we just want to scream throw in the towel and say thats it.  But, like I have told everyone its like any job you have good days and you have bad days.  Just don't give up.

Yea, some days just don't go the way you like, then take a day and rest and go for nice long walk and take a deep breath. 
Oldest Wolf Daughter just finish her first year of college with a 4.0 GPA  WOW! 

We were told so many times we were messy her up and she would never be college material at all.   Wow! If I had a penny for everyone that told me that I would have her college paid for.

Youngest Wolf Daughter is on her last few months of high school will be Nov. 2012 and will start college in Jan. 2013  and she is doing well too.

We are so proud of our Wolf Daughter's and all there hard work.  We tell them all the time to do the best they can. 

If I had to go back when I do anything different. Yes, the only thing I would do is never send them to a public school at all they both had about 2 years of it. 2 years to many.  

Other then that I have enjoyed every minute of it and wouldn't do anything different.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Our House is up for Sale! Come and buy it!

Well hopeful this will work for us.

Lady here to take tons of pictures of our house to put on net. We are trying to sell it. Hopeful this will work so we can move on.

They say patient and time. Well I know I don't have patient. Time yea kind of but don't want to waste to much of it.

So someone please come and buy our house.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

CurrClick's Mothers Day Event!

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Welcome to CurrClick's Mothers Day event! Moms work hard all year long so we want to offer you something extra special this week, CONTESTS AND FREEBIES!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Homeschool Experiment Book
Come read my review on a refreshing, humorous, yet realistic insight into the world of homeschooling: The Homeschool Experiment

Boy I am tired!

Got up and got Daddy Wolf and Oldest Wolf Daughter out the door. She is writing her finals for college today. Good Luck Princess you will do just fine.  Just remember to do the best you can and no more.

Youngest Wolf Daughter and I got started on the yard work and we did the neighbors yard as he had a heart attack over the week end. 
Oldest Wolf Daughter got home to help.  Thank God. 

The heat down here sure sucks everything out of you and makes you so tired when you are done you want to do nothing more.  It sure takes alot of out of you. 

Here is the final painting Oldest Wolf Daughter had to do as one of her test in college.  What a wonderful job she did again.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Beautiful Day!

Up and moving this wonderful Sunday morning.

The roast and potatoes in slow cooker for supper tonight.  Egg sandwiches for lunch.

Went for a 2 mile walk as we were walking the sky decide to open up and give us a show of lighting so pretty. Heard some thunder and got a few sprinkles. It was so cool and relaxing and felt great.

Not much going on today.  Going to help Oldest Wolf Daughter get things together and done for her finals at college. Wow can you believe she has been in college for a year. Time sure does fly doesn't it. You can sit and do nothing and it flies. But, when you have something to mark it or show you how it flies it sure goes fast.
She will be off for 20 days then off to summer school.

Youngest Wolf Daughter is finish up some things so she can have some time off and be with her sister too.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Not 29 anymore!

I just learn this week I am not 29 anymore and I need to slow down and take things a little bit slower.

Since our car wreck I have been having trouble getting my self back up on my feet again. Seems to be really sore this time I don't know why?
Maybe I need to go to another doctor for another opinon on this. 

I know I am not 29 but man I want to be able to do some things again. 

I have trouble putting my hands up above my head and doing anything. I end up really sore and headaches for days if I do.  WHY?   I don't know.

So, I been resting this week and taking it easy.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Been under the weather!

Here I thought I was wonder women and things were better.  Boy, did I get a wake up call and it wasn't nice.

Last August we were involved in a head on collison and we all were hurt.   Went to many treatemnts. They told me it would take awhile and then it might not ever be the same. Oh boy, were they right.

On Monday I decide I would wash our bedding and hang it up to dry. Well we have no clothes line in the back yard so I made one.   It worked but I had to put my hands over my head and lift the blankets on the line.  Wow!  Monday night I was one hurting mamma. By, Tuesday morning I could hardly move and had a headache that was bigger then Texas. 

Sure made me think twice about what I do above my head again.

So, I been under the weather taking it easy and not doing much. Just baby it.

Today has been the most I have done in days and it wasn't much.  I did finally make my family a good supper of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy.