Saturday, June 30, 2012

Do Animals have feelings?

The other day the wolf daughters and I were having this talk about do animals have feelings.

Our answer is yes.. 

Why don't others think so is because they can't talk and tell them..

How can people be so mean and cruel to them and leave them outside with no shelter, food or water.

We seen so many of them that way in our traveling this last week.. 

If you have  animals treat them right. They get cold or hot.  They get hungry and need water too.  

Yes, we all agree here at Wolf Bay High that animals do have feelings if you get to know them you will you will understand them.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Where did you come from?

Woke up this morning to some rain and thunder... I love the sound of thunder but we never hear it down here.  So, was wondering where this all came from?

I know we need bad. So, will sit back and watch it fall. Even though I have tons of things I was going to do outside.  But, I guess someone else was telling me I don't. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

When you homeschool, all of life becomes opportunity for education.

Books... Books.. and more Books!

Everyone I know has or are getting the kindle.  I have thought about it couple of times. But, I like the ones you hold on too and put down and away. 

I just never gotten into it. Maybe I will.. but I love books.  I don't know if its the homeschool mom in me but books are wonderful and we have tons of them. 

I know everyone says there are tons you can down load for free. My luck they would be all the ones I don't read or want.

I like books when you are teaching the children to show them the pictures or show them how to look for something in a book.

I know the kindles do alot but I just don't believe in buying something then you have to buy more books from it and download them.  

You know how many books I can get for one kindle.....

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! 

To all the wonderful Dad's out there. Its a hard job and you all do a great job.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


I just can't believe how rude people are getting now days..  What is this world becoming?
Today we were at our local grocery store and went out and our truck wouldn't start.  We ask a lady beside us and she said no my batteries in the back.  She left.

Another one pulled in and we ask him and he said no because I have a new car and don't want to mess it up.  He left.

Another one pulled in and said no...

Ok really I took a shower, I don't stink. I was going to pay for your time and kindness..  Come on get real.

Finally a older gentlemen in his late 60's came and gave us a jump.  We ofter to pay him and he said no, no I will not take anything. We told him we wanted him to take something as we appreciate it so much.   He said no can't do it. I was just glad to help you.  

I guess there are a few nice people out there but they are hard to come by.

What is this world coming too.   I always help everyone.  

I think we all need lesson in how to treat others.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dreaming of White Christmas!

you know when its hot outside the best thing to do is think of something nice to help you get through it..

So, I am sitting dreaming of White Christmas hoping that will help me get through the heat.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Whats the point?      

I have never understood the doctors or dentist office they tell you to come early to fill out paper work and be there at less 20 minutes before your appointment.

Ok today I went and I was there 20 minutes before my time and they never called me back. 
I finally went up after waiting 4 1/2 hours and said is anyone ever going to see me and they said yes we are just busy.

Ok I understand you get busy but you know what I have a life too and I am busy too.

You need to have tv in there. A place to go to the bathroom,  something to drink if I am going to have to wait that long.

Once I get back there to see the doctor, I think he is in there a whole 20 minutes then he says ok everything looks good.

Oh ok I waited 4 1/2 hours to see you for 2 minutes wow. Now you want my money right.

Ok I will pay but remember you time is coming and I will sit back and laugh when it does.

Monday, June 11, 2012

I wonder why?

As alot of you know I been busy packing and packing and giving away things.  Wondering why do I have all this stuff.

I was just wondering that at lunch today when I was cooking why do I have 12 dish rags when I wash almost everyday.. not like I don't. 

I can't believe how empty everything is and how nice things look when you have just a few of this and that..

Why do we feel we need 50 of everything? 

Guess we are spoiled.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another packing day!

What better thing to do on a hot Sunday day then pack...

Looking well so we are going to try and get as much done as we can today ..  a week from today my whole life will turn upside down.

scary oh for sure.  fun oh for sure... just the not knowing is what is hard.  This is will be our first time with out rv so will see how it goes and how we do. 

I am sure we will be fine.  Just the not knowing is scary..  We need tons and tons of prayers, happy thoughts, pixie dust whatever you can bring us and wish all the luck in the world and keep us all strong and let all work out.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

28 Years ago!

28 years ago today I was a blushing nervous bride.. getting ready to become Mrs. Wolf.

Where as the time gone? 

Can't believe its been that long already but I wouldn't change it for a million years. Yes the road hasn't been easy but its been fun too.

Nothing in life is easy. If you want it you have to work for it.

By not being easy it always helps you remember things in life.

Can't wait for another 28 years... with Daddy Wolf.

Baby its hot outside!

Who turn on the heater? 

Please do me a favor and turn it off... its to darn hot outside. 

Can't believe how hot its suppose to get today again... 109 with heat index..
Think we do a school project out of it. 
Take a egg and watch it cook on the black top..

Good lesson.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Packing and more Packing!

You wonder how one family of four can get so much stuff it takes forever to pack.

I hate moving but love the new view and idea of new things but the moving and packing of everything is something.

I was doing some last minute packing today when I looked under my kitchen sink and said wow I been living off this little stuff for over week why do I need all the other stuff I packed. Who knows right.

Any way its getting closer and closer to closing date, we all are excited and happy can't wait to get out of the heat and in a new area.

This area has never been home to us. We all don't like the heat, love the change of season and the people are nicer up there. 

Oh I guess we all think the people are nice where we were born and raise don't know any differents do we. LOL

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Out working around and doing some things in yard.  Boy is it hot outside.  The humdity is so hot you could cut it with a knife.

I always said they had there school system mixed up. They should have the children going to school in summer time. To darn hot for them to do anything outside. 

Sand is so hot it burns your feet no one at beaches..   

But, I guess they want to stay with all the other school system.

Since we moved to the south we have always homeschool doing the summer and took extra time off in the winter when we could go do something.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Prayers, Pixie Dust or Happy Thoughts!

There is so  much going on in my life right now. I am trying so hard to stay up and positive. 

But, you all know its easier said then done. 

So, if you could could say a prayer, throw some pixie dust, or happy thoughts my way so my b/p will drop and stay down so I can feel better I would really appericate it.

With no insurance don't want to put the family out. I know I can do this just need a little extra help from you all. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Menopause, nerves, anixtey attacks

When the world hands you all these wonderful things you sit back and say what can I do and how can I get through it.

With the help of God, your friends and family you can get through anything.  Sometimes it seems never ending but you can do.

I once ask someone who invented menopause they told me God I told them no way God would never do this to us.  It was the devil trying to get in our bodys.

Menopause is not a fun thing to go through. Wow I remember seeing a few female women in my family going through it and thinking it can't be that bad has to be better then periods. Oh Oh so wrong. I rather keep getting my period any day then go through menopause.

The feeling your body goes through you have no control over your body and it feels funny.  You get nervous and have anixtey attacks its hard.

Be strong and fight it. I know there are days you want to throw in the towel but don't.

You know the saying the Good Lord only gives you what he thinks you can handle.  Just tell him you had enough and want this to be over.

If anyone has any good tips to get through it please post it and pass it on.

I know there are several people going through it beside me and could use all the help in the world to get through it.

I know if I didn't have Daddy Wolf and my Wonderful Wolf Daughters I would of gave up and said why fight they are my life and are so patient with me. 

I just want it to go away and be done.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Been Hacked!

I think people just have way to much time on there hands with nothing to do.

So, what do they do go around and hack other peoples e mail and mess them up.

One thing I am so glad about is I don't pay my bills on line. Everyone I know tells me I'm old fashion and need to get up with the new things and get paying bills on line. 

I never felt comfortable enough to give out all my information on line.  We work hard for every little bit we have and we can't afford to lose it.

So, the other day I was on line for awhile and I notice some things on line and my on line was acting funny. 

Didn't think to much of it thought maybe the server was having trouble so got off went and did some things. 

Later when I got on to check  e mail I notice all my e mails were gone. I thought hmmm now what did I do I must of hit something and lost all my e mails darn it.

So, I went about checking facebook and all. Then my phone started ringing everyone was saying they got a funny e mail from me.  It said I was in Spain and lost my luggage. LOL 
Then on facebook I was getting message saying the same thing.

So, I called a computer guy and he told me I was hacked and need to clean up everything and get new of everything.

I sat down and counted my lucky stars I could of been in real trouble they told me if I had my banking information and stuff on there.  So, glad I don't that.

So, now I am busy cleaning up my computer giving it a spring cleaning and getting new everything.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Oh School School School!

Homeschooling is not a bed of roses and is not for everyone. 

Just like public school is not for everyone.  I enjoyed every minute of it and hate it coming to a end the end of the year.

There is alot of work to homeschooling.   One lady ask me the other day how do you do it?  She said if my kids were home all day I would kill them.   Wow that is a strong statement.

Yes you can homeschool and no you wouldn't kill them. 

Homeschooling like I said before is like any other job. There are good days and there are bad days.

There are days you say what? and there are days you say yes I love this so much. I am so glad I had more of days of I love it.

There is so much out there on line and books to help anyone who want to start homeschooling.

The first thing I told her was go to HSLDA and see what the laws are for your state and then start searching.

Remember to always keep in mind because you have the book doesn't mean you have to do it. If it don't work for you and your child sell it and try another one. Thats the joys of homeschooling you can always change books. 

I have done that a few times with math until we found a program that works for us. 

There are tons of website that let you print off free worksheets.    Or test your child to see where they are at and where you should start them.

Another question she ask is homeschool pricey?   I told her it cost as much and as little as you want it. 

There are tons of places to go to get used books.. like half price they sell lots of use books.
On line  there is ebay, amazon and tons of other places just type in used school book or what ever subject you are looking for.

Most of them will come with teacher manual but if not if you contact the company they have been good about sending the teacher manual to help us get through the books. 

Remember to relax and enjoy your children too. They grew fast and learn so much it will surprise you. 

There are tons of things out there to do beside books.  Remember field trips, letting them help you cook.  

Take time for yourself.  I was told that when I started schooling from another friend on  web site I go too. She calls it mommy time.  30 minutes a day just for you. Have the children go to there room and read and they can't bother you only if its important.  You go and rest, or read anything but school or house work its your time.

Believe me that is a life saver you will love it and be a new Mom, Teacher, Wife.