Monday, April 30, 2012

Home School


My opinion!

Should someone be set free for a crime they did and they admit it several times, because they are christian.  NO

No they shouldn't its a crime a life was lost and that person is no better then the lady next door.
You done the crime you pay your dos.

That is saying if she is set free that if you christian you can commit crimes and get away with it.

Wow!  we all should be treated equal, no matter what color we are or if we are christian or non-christian.  

If we did something that we know is wrong then we need to stand up and face the band and do what we are suppose too do.

Yes, some things may of been handle wrong but that still don't bring the person back.  It was wrong.  Very wrong.

I don't get it.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

So True!

My curfew was the street lights, and my mom didn't call my cell, she yelled "time to come in."  I played outside with friends, not online. If I didn't eat what my mom made me, then I didn't eat.
Hand sanitizer didn't exist, but you COULD get  your mouth washed out with soap. I rode a bike without a helment. And getting dirty was ok.
Agree if you drank water from a garden hose and survived.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I love you truckers but come on!

Yesterday we had to run to a bigger town to go to the apple store as youngest Wolf Daughters Ipod was not working so we decide we would make it a day and go a differnet way and enjoy the scenery look at all the wonderful wild flowers and baby animals. 

There were alot of wonderful wild flowers, baby cows and goats.  Everything look so cute. Green after all the wonderful rains we been having. I hope the rain keeps coming love the nice color wild flowers and green trees and grass.

But, we had to take this one side road because of road work.  All know what road work is like and how much fun it is to drive around it. 
They had us going on this really small and narrow country road hardly big enough for one vehicle let alone two and one of the vehicles being a semi-truck who thinks he owns the wide open road.

Those trucks never slow down no matter what sign say or anything. Told Daddy Wolf they have no fear.  Nothing matters when they are in those big trucks.  Its like they aren't afraid of anything.

We were on on corner where you had to stop as the bridge was out and wait your turn to go. Well I  Mamma Wolf was driving this big semi came from I don't know where. I am sure down the road.  Anyway he decide he was going to turn beside me ok the road is not wide or big right.  So, I try to back up and get over as far as I can and he just keeps coming and coming.  Wow!  I thought ok we are done.  He did make the turn but barely. His truck was rocking back and forth and he was honking the horn.  What was I suppose to do?

That was enough for me.  I told Daddy Wolf he could drive from now on. 

I never understood truck drivers.  I try and give them has much room as possible.  I do understand they can't stop on a dime. They have be loads, there trucks are long and it takes awhile to stop. 

So, truckers we try to give you has much space as you need. Now be nice and watch out for us too. Remember we are there and we need to get some place too.  The road is there for both of us.
You help us and we help you.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oldest Wolf Daughter's Art Work

Oldest Wolf Daughter did this is her College Art Class and got  a 97 on it. 

We are one happy Wolf Family.  She sure has talent. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bring on the Rain!

A week ago the rain decide to come and end our drought.. Did a good job don't you think?

Well this is what 15 inches of rain in 4 hours does to the flats of Texas.  There were over 500 homes flooded out on this day. We were lucky and didn't get flooded out.

The girls always wanted a pool in there yard. Well guess Mother Nature thought they need one too. She help them out.  So, when it rains it pours.  Why not go out and have fun in the water? Can't cry about it. Oh I guess you can but what will  it do nothing.   So, we decide to make a fun day of it and take a swim.. I know alot of people said watch out for sewer water.  No different then swimming in a river.   When they were done they went a took a hot shower and play games no lights no net. So, we had a  old fashion day.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Days like today I sit and think of the song by:  Billy Currington.

God is great, beer is good and People are CRAZY! 

They sure are crazy. I don't sometime see where people get off thinking and doing what they are doing.

But, then again we all are different Thank God for that.

Today around 8 am I was sitting on the computer taking it easy and deciding I was going to have a nice slow and easy day when out of the blue my phone rang and someone wanted to see our house.  We have it up for sale.  They wanted to see it at 9 this morning. I started laughing and said you are joking and they said no.   I said ok.

I got off the phone out of my wonderful winnie the pooh pjs, got dress really fast then went through this house like a mad women in the middle of bull fight. 

I was almost done getting the kitties in the carrier and the dogs on the leash at 8:45 am when the door bell rang.  What? I know you are only 15 minutes early but that is alot of time for me right now.  It was the agent.   I told him we were leaving and he said no trouble he likes to get there early to make sure lights are on and everything is ok. 

I finish loading everyone up and talk to him a while and he sure bust my bubble told me the market was slow and all. I thought no way I need to get out of here.

We were gone about 1 hour and came back and he was just leaving. I got out to ask him how it went he said it was a no show. I said what you are kidding once again today. He said no I try calling her twice and she wouldn't answer.  WOW!  was all I could say.  I was so tired by then from running around and then a no show. OK!

Boy, if I seen her I am sure she would of answer me. LOL

Anyway came in and sat down for a couple of minutes and drank my Dr. Pepper and then got busy taking everything out again so we can live in here.  

I just don't understand where people get off doing this to others. I do understand that somethings come up but now days everyone has a cell phone they use it any time why not now.

I just hope this isn't a sign and this place will sell and sell soon.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Simplest Things!

Isn't it funny how the simplest things in life can make you so happy.  

Why, do we think we need all those expensive gadgets to make us happy.  Are we happy or just trying to keep up with everyone else.

Its funny how you can go back and do something so simple and be so happy and feel so good about it.

Like hanging your sheets out to dry and bringing them in to put on the bed and you have the fresh smell of out doors inside. 

You shut off all tv's and gadget and pick up a book and your mind takes you a million miles away and you feel so relax and happy.

Sometimes I think we are all are so set on the gadget we forget we don't need all of it. We were fine without it and we will be find now. 

Yes, its hard not to get by with something when you are so use too it.   But, doesn't it feel good to put them to side for a day or a few hours and relax and enjoy the other things.

Go outside and enjoy the wonderful smell and see things other then computer and or the phone. 

I myself have wonder sometime why I spend so much time on computer. I think of all the wonderful things I did before computer all the things I got done before computer.

So, about once or twice a week I give myself only a hour a day on the computer so I can do other things and get things done around the house.

The phone how did we live with out cell phones and not call our spouse for every little thing.  Wow I wonder. 
They must of got work done at work too, with out us bother them for everything.
We could drive and listen to the radio or music without having only one hand on the wheel and not paying attention to the road or traffic. Because we were to busy with the other person on the line.
Or trying to text.. Wow I hate that. People come on pull over nothing or anyone is that important you have to text and drive.  Come on.   Think of others.

Kindle well I myself don't have one of these.  I really don't know if I want one or not. I know I am old fashion but I love picking up a book and reading it.  Not another machine. 
I miss seeing kids reading a book.  Old fashion book not the kindle.   Yes the kindle is nice don't get me wrong but to me nothing beats a old fashion book.

Does it make us happy to have all these gadget?  I don't think so I think it puts more stress on us trying to keep up with everyone else.  Because gadget cost us money and when you get the gadget you have to download this or that and there goes more money out.

Why can't we be happy with the easy stuff?  I think we were. But, like everything else we like to see new and different things.  But, we forget those new and different things cost us.

I wonder what happen if everything got shut down for a day or two. How would people react?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another wonderful day here at Wolf Bay High!

We don't get many wonderful days like this where you can open window and smell the fresh air so will take it while we can.

Up and going this wonderful Sunday morning here at Wolf Bay High. Washing done. Beds all got clean sheets. 

Daddy Wolf going to grill out steaks later.. went for our morning walk.

Got lesson plans for Youngest Wolf Daughter done for another week.  Wow its always nice to have them done and  you say to your self another week done and ready to go don't worry about it for awhile and before you turn your back you are back doing another weeks of lesson plans.

We are almost done with several of her subjects.  She will be done high school sometime the end of Oct. to early Nov. then she will start college in Jan. 2013 wow where does the time go. 

She can't be that big already she is the baby.  Did someone forget to tell her she's not suppose to grow up so fast its scary..

But, we are always happy for them to start a new path and see new things in the world.

There are tons and tons of things to see and do in this world. 

Happy Sunday all my blogging friends hope you all are having a wonderful day and enjoying the the wonderful weather.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cool out

Woke up to nice cool and breezy day. 

Its so nice to open windows and get fresh air in the house.  After the rains everything is so green and pretty and smells better.

What a rain to do to the world.  Clean it up and make everything look and smell alot better.

Enjoy these cool days.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why can't people leave others alone?

I sit and wonder where people get off being so ugly to others.  They say bully has to stop in school like I told others it never stops as long as you have people there will be someone ugly in the group.

This morning out mowing the front lawn the wonderful lady next door or I should say across the street. That smokes and drinks from sunset to sun down, came out when I started weeding and mowing. I usually mow the lawn when they aren't around but sometimes that don't always happen.

She got your mouth going this morning like a motor boat and didn't know when to shut up.
I try hard to ingore her and go about my business and do what I need too. 

That motor just wouldn't shut up.. she was finding things to do outside to bug me and her mouth was going faster then my mower. 

I finally said be quiet and go inside. She said what are you doing outside this morning? I said hello what?  Its a free world this is my lawn I can be outside and do my work if you don't like it go back inside I should be done in a few minutes. 

Wow! Some people got alot of nerve don't they?  I just wonder why they can't leave others alone. 

I do understand this is a big world and we all don't have to get along with everyone all the time..

Sometimes people get in the way of things. I always told the Wolf Daughters, if you don't like someone or something someone is doing walk away.

Why can't others do that?   Good question isn't it.

I always tell others that just because you are out of high school doesn't mean the bullying stops it don't some people have way to much time on there hands and need to get a life.

I think she was all worked up because she likes to sit and stand out there smoking and drinking and I was in her way or something. Or maybe she just had a hang over or something.

I try my hardest to get along with others. I give my whole heart to those who are kind to me. 
But, please leave me alone if you don't like what we do. Thanks.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Good Question

Today took Daddy Wolf to the doctor again. One of these days someone is going to tell us something and be right.

Any way while we were waiting in the waiting room a lady was there and she and I started talking about kids and school.  She was telling  me all kinds of things she didn't like about the public school system. 

I told her I homeschool both my daughters. The first things she said was she didn't think she could do because she doesn't have the patients to do it.

Then she said she couldn't because she didn't think she was smart enough to teach her girls and she was to old to go back to school.

I started laughing and told her you are there mother the best teacher out there. You know your child better then any other person on this earth.

There are tons of website out there to help you and tons of cd's to help you as your child gets older and into high school.  There are co-ops you can put your child in too.

Then said wow that sounds good. But, my kids love people and love to be around people and do things with other kids. I said there are tons and tons of things for the kids to do they don't need the school to do it in.

There is church programs,  YMCA, 4-H and if you decide to belong to a co-op there are tons and tons of children there.   Also there are tons of homeschool groups who meet for park day and field trips.

She thank me and said wow I need to go home and talk to my husband about this. This sounds wonderful and easy.

Yes, it is easy and fun to be with your child all day long.  I did tell her its like any job you take on in life you have good days and you have bad days. 

Also, you need to take time once a day just for yourself and that is what I mean just for yourself no housework, school nothing.  I usually go outside and sit for 30 minutes or go for a walk. Even lay down and rest for 30 minutes what a big different it makes.

She said how do you do housework and cooking. I said well that is easy. Have the kids help. She looked at funny again.

I said cooking is math they have to learn to measure and figure out things for recipe. 
I said its also home - ec. they need that too.  She was like wow you sure have alot of information. Yes I do I been doing it for along time.

My girls are well mind children, know how to react with people of all ages. 
Can cook, clean and wash. They also know how to do oil changes and things for cars.
Yes they are girls but they need to know how to do these kinds of things.

So, I told her if she really wants to do it. Don't think because you don't have a big degree you can't. There are tons of sites out there to help you and tons of people with wonderful information. 

Also remember alot of famous people were homeschool and still are.

Yes, homeschooling  is looked down upon but with in time it wouldn't be.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Clean Clean Clean!

Remember when the Wolf Daughters were younger we use to put in the Barney tape and sing the cleaning song.

Clean up, Clean up, everybody do there share.  That is what it felt like after the floods here. Alot of cleaning and throwing.  I am so glad nothing got into our house but alot of others were not so lucky there was alot of damage around the area.  Just counting our blessing no lifes were lost.

Yes, its sad to see what Mother Nature can do to our lands and houses. But, we have to all count our blessing that no one was hurt and no lifes were lost. 

Today went town and it stinks up there.  WOW!  Now we need a nice gentle rain to wash all the junk and smells away.  After 16 inches the other day who wants more rain. I am sure no one. But, sometimes a little water wash alot of things away. Not alot just a little.

Just singin in the Rain!

Wow!  Did we get the rain yesterday, it came and didn't want to stop.  When all said and done we got any where from 10 to 16 inches of rain. Our street turned into a river.  Wow it was high only 2 feet from my front door. The Wolf Daughters got out there and went swimming and having fun in the water. 

Water is down now its time to go and have fun and clean up all the gross stuff that was left in your yard after that crazy Monday storm.

There were 5 confirmed tornado's in the area.  Thats alot for me. One was 1 mile from my house a little to close. I don't like storm to begin with and down South where they have no basements just bathrooms or closets.  Its scary..  A couple of times we had some very high winds and strong lighting almost making me want to do something in my pants I shouldn't. 

We all made it and everyone is safe that is the most important part of all.  Water and houses can be fix and clean up. Might not be fun.  But, it can be done.  

Lifes can't be replace.  

Stay safe cleaning up.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Laugh!

So cute!  LOL
A senior citizen drove his brand new Corvette convertible out of the dealership.... Taking off down the road, he floored it to 80 mph, enjoying the wind blowing through what little gray hair he had left. "Amazing," he thought as he flew down I-94, pushing the pedal even more. Looking in his rear view mirror, he saw a state trooper behind him, lights flashing and siren blaring. He floored it to 100 mph, then 110, then 120. Suddenly he thought, "What am I doing? I'm too old for this," and pulled over to await the trooper's arrival. Pulling in behind him, the trooper walked up to the Corvette, looked at his watch, and said, "Sir, my shift ends in 30 minutes. Today is Friday. If you can give me a reason for speeding that I've never heard before, I'll let you go."
The old gentleman paused. Then he said, "Years ago, my wife
ran off with a State trooper. I thought you were bringing her back."

"Have a good day, sir," replied the trooper.


Windy, Blustery Day Here!

Wow! What a windy, blustery day we have here.

If only I was Mary Poppins and 20 pounds lighter I could fly to the wonderful place of Oz Land and enjoy they day.

Got to love the weather men.   Wolf Daddy and I were watching them last night and they told us it was going to be  another breeze  and warm day here.

They said they don't like to call it windy unless winds are over 40mph and they don't like to call it hot until the temps are over 90.  Ok

Today the winds are going to be 35mph and temps are 89 out.  Ok now that is close enough for me here at Wolf Bay High to call windy and hot. 

I don't know what book they are reading to tell them that, but I sure don't want to read it.

If you are out in this Windy, Hot Sunday, just dress lightly and don't worry about your hair because you are guarantee to have a bad hair day.  Or if you wear a hat you better tie it on your head.

Because here at Wolf Bay High we call it Windy and Hot. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Old Days!

Daddy Wolf and I were talking this morning about how we miss the old days.

Where you use to be able to leave your door unlock and never worry about anyone doing anything to your house.

I grew up I don't remember my parents ever having a key for the house or even locking it.

I don't remember every locking our cars.

Now days you wouldn't even think twice about locking a door or car.   We go in our house from outside and the first thing we do is lock our doors. 

Those days of feeling safe are gone.   All gone.   I miss them and wish we could back to feeling safe in your neighborhood.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Another day!

Woke up this morning with every bone in my body hurting and yelling please don't get up. Stay in bed and rest.

But, my mind so no get up and get moving or you wouldn't move again. So, got up and did all the cleaning and out of the house for the showing this morning. 

Wasn't really a showing for someone to buy. Just a showing for other agent to look at the house so they know what the house looks like when someone comes in the office looking for house they can say I have this house here for sale.

Now we just have to hold our breathe and pray it goes fast.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Clean, Clean, and more Clean

The painting is done. Both rooms are back together. House is shining and looking nice now we just need a good buyer so we can get on the road again.

One reason we need to get on the road is we need to get to some doctors to help Daddy Wolf doesn't seem to be helping here.  Just going from doctor to doctor and always being told something different.  Never fails. One day its this the next it this.

How do you plan your diet and stuff around this if you don't know what to do.  One minute he can have this the next he can't.

I just wish they would find something and help him get back on the road to recovery again.

So, tomorrow is what you call real estate day all real estate agent come and look at the house then they know what the house is like when someone comes in looking for house. I hope it goes over well and they find a buyer soon.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Well we decide to put the house up for sale and move on some where. Where don't know yet?

Only time will tell. I think we all got some gysp blood in us...

So, we decide we need to paint some rooms and get them colors out and get more a white color and get it so someone will want it.

What a day it was last two rooms down and now get ready to sell the house so we can start new life and hope things are better or different anyway...

So, off to bed this old cookie goes she is really tired another busy day tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dealing with Death!

I don't care what anyone says I don't think anyone is ever ready for death no matter how much time you have.

Its always hard on the family left behind. 

Yes, sometimes its a blessing knowing they aren't in pain or suffering anymore but its still hard.

Yesterday in youngest Wolf Daughter  biology class we were studying different kinds of disease and what can and can't happen with each disease out there.

So, we started talking about death. Both Wolf Daughters have had to deal with death in the family like aunts, uncle and grandparents.  So they understand it to some degree. 

Do any of understand it?  Yes in our own way.

I remember when I was young 15 when I lost my first really close relative and it still haunts me to this day it was my father. He was a great father yes he had his bad side but who don't right.
My father was a hard worker. He worked two jobs to support his large family.
One night he came home and was eating steak and choke that was the end of my fathers short life on earth. It was a sad night and many days to come after that.

I was lost for along time. I didn't know which way to go. My mother was mess never worked in the work force, never drove and we lived in the country and had a large young family to raise it was hard on her too.

Then we move to a town and we had a swimming pool a few months later my sister who was 14 at the time passed away. She drown in the pool. We were close very close in age and we did everything together.
I was so down and gave up on God for along time.

I couldn't understand why he was taking everyone I loved away from me.

Things seem to be quiet for awhile not long about 9 months then a younger brother of mine passed. WHY?   I never could understand I am 16 and facing all this already wow.

Then a grandpa and uncle pass. I was beginning to think that is life everyone goes really fast.

I was so scared for the longest time. Stop believe and start to hate everything and everyone around me and could never understand why everyone is always so happy. How can you be so happy? Life is not good.
I remember so clear I would go around feeling for my pulse all the time. Wondering if I was next.

I knew I couldn't keep living like this and going on like this I need to change and if it took moving a mountain to do it I was going to do it. 

I know it was a heavy mountain to move and took me awhile to move it but I did and glad I did.  I do have days though I wonder is it worth it. The answer is Yes.   Is life fair?  The answer is no.  Is life easy?  The answer is no .

I did find out that some things is in life you have to fight for and the fight might be hard.

But, in the end its worth it.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Think Positive!

Need to keep thinking positive when it comes to daddy wolf. These doctors you wonder. But, I know one day we will find what is really go and we will get him the help he needs. 

Like I tell everyone we never get more then we can handle.  But, sometimes I feel I have handle enough I am ready to share some with others.

Today we decide in school we would take school for youngest wolf daughter a whole different level and have her help search on the internet daddy wolfs symptoms and see if we knew what we can find or what we might think it is.

The only thing the doctor daddy wolf is seeing has no bed side manner and he is hard. I mean hard. I worked in the medical field for awhile and I seen some hard ones but this one has got them all beat.  So, if we think or did find something I don't think he would agree.

So, I am on the search for doctor number 9 to see if I can find someone to help him and get the poor man back on the field to recovery again. Its been long enough and time to move forward.

We just can't understand why sometimes it takes forever to find the right doctor to help you.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Alan Jackson - The Old Rugged Cross

Happy Easter My Blogging Friends!

Happy Easter to all my wonderful Blogging Friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful day and the bunny was good to you all.

We had a very nice day.  Did eggs this morning with the daddy wolf and the wolf daughters. Did some chores around the house.
The bunny left us all choc. it was good.

Friday, April 6, 2012

All Kids learn differently!

Youngest Wolf Daughter and I were at a store the other day after school.  Needs some paper and things for a project she was doing. 

Anyway someone ask her what grade she was in? The poor thing stop and looked at me and said I don't know. The lady looked at her funny and I said we homeschool we don't really do grades but she is a senior will be done in November.

She said oh wow! She is a wonderful girl I said thanks.  I was keeping my guard up like it was going some place.  But, it didn't.

We talked more about homeschool and how she wishes she would of done it for children.  I told her all children learn on a different levels that is why its hard when you homeschool to tell the grade they are in. 

My girls never really ask what grade they were in.  They did the work did it the best they could and we went on.   I did tell them every year what grade they were but it didn't matter to them they were having fun learning a grade level meet nothing to them and still don't. I told the lady that.  

I told her at times both girls were doing the same thing on the same level and other subjects they were on there own.  It all depends on the child and what they understand and where they want to go with it.

But, once again I said its the join of Homeschooling you can take a book and go a mile minute with the child or you can go slow with it. Up to the child.

There is no one telling you that you have to go on  even if you don't understand it. You can work a week on the same thing till you get it down to where we all understand. 

They joy of homeschooling!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wow Some mean storms

Had some mean storms in the South yesterday day. Glad everyone is ok. 

I know there were alot of homes lost but like one person said its material things they can be replace, life can't.  So true.

I heard on a talk show this morning that this is suppose to be the year for alot of bad storms.
One said because its a beginning to the end of the World.

As alot of you know or heard this year on Dec. 21, 2012 the world is suppose to end and we all will be gone.

Ok that is fine if it happens but I have a question for you all.   Are you all getting ready for it?

If so how? 

 I have a friend she told  me she was getting her shelfs in the house full of food and taking all her money out of the banks.  Ok now I am lost. I hope some of you are too. Then I wouldn't feel so bad.

Why are you buying all this food?  Your are not going to be here.  Why are taking the money out of the bank? Where are you going to spend it? I thought we all were going. I  heard a few might be save but what will they need money for there will be nothing to spend it on. 

Well maybe they know something I don't know. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What differents does it make?

Yesterday Oldest Wolf Daughter was ask to show another girl around her college.  Being the nice girl I raised she said yes.

They meet and they walked around and oldest showed her where things were. 

Well when they got done and Oldest Wolf Daughter got home she told me the girl kept saying to her you can tell you are homeschool over and over.

I ask Oldest Wolf Daughter why that girl kept saying that she said she didn't really know it might be because she ran in to a few of her classmates and a couple of them she didn't remember there names ok.   That happens to me many times and I wasn't homeschool.  

Its a big world you see many people and sometimes you forget there names.  Sorry!

The mother called me later that night and thank me for letting Oldest Wolf Daughter show her daugther around.  I said you are welcome then told her what Oldest Wolf Daughter said.

She ask me if Oldest Wolf Daughter was upset about it. I said kind of.  I said I didn't care for it to me it was like being racist. It doesn't matter what school you go too, we all forget peoples name.   I just thought it was weird.

I know Oldest Wolf Daughter told me also that her pen pal who is in College in another state said she stop telling people at her college she was homeschool because they looked at her funny and treated her funny. 

Wow!  People they are normal. Just because they were homeschool doesn't mean they aren't normal.  They do have feeling?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Well one more time!

Tuesday we are taking Daddy Wolf to another doctor.  This time I hope and pray this is the doctor and answer to our prayers.

Sometimes I think doctors go to the store and buy a box of cracker jacks and get the prize inside that says you won. You get to be a doctor for a year. Enjoy.

Wow! we have been doctoring and going to doctors for Daddy Wolfs hands since 2009 and been told this and that.  One doctor says this another says that.  One said no way can it be this and another says yes way it can.

I wonder if they understand all the money we shell out for them to keep saying this and that and sending us here and there and still nothing done.

When will they get all there ducks in a row and help this man?