Sunday, January 30, 2011

Don't make sense!

This was on my facebook today.  I never understood it either. Its so true and sad. 

Doesn't make much sense, does it: Homeless go without eating. Elderly go without needed medicines. Mentally ill go without treatment. Troops go without proper equipment. Veterans go without benefits that were promised. Yet we donate billions to other countries before helping our own first. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I don't know if any of you do swagbucks but if not you all need too. Its easy to get points and turn them in for gift cards or other things.  Easy to do just hit on the link below and it will take you to swagbuck, sign up and start earning some points. I get alot of points for amazon and take them and trade them in for books and things.

Happy Hunting for points.   Any question let me know.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Disney here we come!

Well we been talking as family many nights and asking Big Wolf Daughter what she was for her graduation present.  Not a car no way. Unless its a match box car then we can get her that. LOL  They been wanting to go back to Disney so told the Wolf Daughters that when the oldest Wolf is done with school we are off to see Mickey and Minnie again and do all the other fun things you can down there. 
No date in mind yet it will depend on my Daddy and Mama's Wolf work. 

Just some time away from all the stuff will be great. Yes, its always nice to go. But isn't it nice to come home again.  

Now its time to get everything ready and booked for the big or as much booking as I can with really no date in mind. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Baby Wolf daughter is a wonderful actor. Loves acting and has done several plays. The only thing she don't like is the singing part in acting. I wish I could find a wonderful school for her. I know she could of gone along ways. She is really good at it.  Can make you smile when you are down. But, I guess it wasn't meet to be. We found a couple places but it never worked out.  Maybe later in life she can find a place who knows.   She never wanted to go into tv acting just small town acting. 

Oldest Daughter Wolf is a couple months from being out of high school. Where did the time go? She is doing so well. Now its finding what she wants to do in college. She told us tonight just to many things to choice from. Told her it was like going to a grocery store and going to pick out a cereal for breakfast. Just to many to choice from.  We did tell her what ever she decide to do we would be behind her.  Also, told her just to start with basic and then see from there. 

Now its off to bed another busy week at work and coming home to finish the day with schooling the little wolf's.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kids say the darnest things.

While I was working the other day a little boy about 6 years old put some money in his mouth I ask him to please take it out. I get very scared when children do that because my youngest daughter did it when she was about his age and had to be transport to hospital because she couldn't breathe.
He looked at me with those big blue eyes and said how old is she now. I said she is 16 years old. His eyes about pop out of his little head, then he said wow she is old. 

I was telling another co-worker about it and I said I wanted to tell him my age but I was afraid he would of crap his pants or fainted. If he thinks 16 is old. LOL to funny.

Friday, January 21, 2011

RIP My two wonderful Friends!

Lost a classmate around the holidays today is her birthday. RIP Shari hope you pain free.
Also last week lost my BFF Sister forever. She is going to be so miss. Wish there was more we could of done to help her and her wonderful family. I guess it was her time and there was nothing more any of us can do.
Gerri we are sure going to miss those wonderful smile and wonderful laugh we hear from you. All the wonderful e mails and support you have given everyone else. Take care my two dear friends. Miss you both.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Doesn't Pizza fix everything.

Pizza fixes alot of things.  We had to go have pizza today and celebrate two exam. that the Wolf daughters took. The oldest Daughter Wolf took a geometry exam and got a 100 that girl loves math spends hours and hours on it did all the high school math and alot of college math already.  
Little Wolf Daughter took a Earth Science exam and got a  95.
Daddy and Mama Wolf are so proud of those two little Wolfs they rock our socks off.
They are always up and doing there school every day with out much trouble. Yes, some days we have oh why do we have to get up. I say I don't know I don't want to get up either then up they are.
Keep going little Wolf's you both are doing so good. We are so proud.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

That C word!

Everyone has a word they can't stand to hear and mine is the C word or Cancer. I am so afraid of that word I hate it so bad. I know hate is a strong word and not to be use unless you really mean it and I mean it. I hate it and wish I never had to hear or see that word again.  
I was never so afraid in all my life then in  Thanksgiving of 1990 when Daddy Wolf came home and told me  he had a lump under his arm pit. We went to the doctor the next day. The nurse there said its nothing to worry about to come back and see the doctor after the holiday. Something in my gut said no don't do it. I sat there for a few seconds which seem like minutes and said no I want him to see a doctor today and let them decide. She gave me that look that would of knock a cow dead in its track but right then and there something or someone was saying you need to fight. I looked at her and I said I am sorry but I wanted him to see a doctor, she got up very upset and said ok just a minute. She came back and said the doctor will see him in about 20 minutes I said thank you, she just gave that wonderful look again. When she left the room Daddy Wolf said oh you didn't have to get her upset its ok we could of wait. I looked at him and said NO something is telling we need to get this done now.
The doctor came in looked at it and said the same thing doesn't look like anything bad, it can wait till after the holidays but it does need to be remove. I just wasn't comfortable with that either. He looked at me I am sure the nurse filled him in on me and he said I know your nervous about this and I can tell by the look on your face you aren't happy with my answer either, I said no. He said well I am doing surgery tomorrow morning I can remove it then. I said great. Andy said no I have to work I looked at him and said don't worry I will take care of your work. He said ok. I then went home to make some phone calls. Now that was before cell phones were the in thing. His work was very good and said tell him we will be thinking of him.  I then called his family to let them know, they ask if they need to come they were 5 to 6 hours away I told them no because the doctor and nurse thinks I am over reacting. 
Next morning the alarm clock went off at 4 am.  I was so nervous but trying so hard to be so strong and put on a front for Daddy Wolf.  So, I was laughing away and singing around the house getting ready but really I was crying inside.  We got at the hospital at 6 am and his surgery was 8 am they took him right in. I waited in the waiting room, they said it would only take 45 minutes at the most. When a hour went by my mind was playing those bad tricks again.  Then a nurse came and told me the doctor wanted to see me in his room. When I went there my knees were knocking so hard, my heart was beating so fast. I thought they had a band playing something for me but the whole time it was my knees knocking and heart beating. When I open the door to go inside there was Priest. I knew right then and there it was bad.  I got really hot and weak, they ask me to sit down I did and they told me that Daddy Wolf had Cancer they didn't know what stage he was in, but he was going to need Chemo. and they were going to start right away.  I cried and cried and said Thank God I was pushy or it might of been really to late.  They talk to me awhile then I went to the bathroom and close the door and never wanted to come out again. But, I knew I had to put on my big girl panties and get out there for Daddy Wolf. So I washed my face and went out to see him. He was just waking up.  I talk to him about it he understood what was going on and said he had a feeling it was cancer all along.  
They started Chemo. that day. A couple days later they got the results back and said it was a early stage. They told  Daddy Wolf you have to be thankful you have a pushy wife because if we would of waited till after the holiday's it would of been all over. 
Well we went through 6 months of treatment. Daddy Wolf did well and after that keep going to the doctor every month to every 3 months for check ups.   

Then after the birth of our second child Daddy Wolf got sick again. They thought he had the flu. But, everything they gave him wasn't working. I told them they need to run more test. Sure enough his cancer was back and this time it was all over. They told him he was going to need chemo and radiation at the same time and he was going to need it 5 days a week, for 8 months and no work. I looked at him, we hug each other and told him you have to do it we have a 2 year old and 2 month old. You have to fight. I will be behind you every step of the way.  That meet putting two little ones in snow suits 5 days a week to take Daddy to get his treatment. But, it will be done.  I cried so hard that night in the shower, just like the rain the tears keep falling. Then I said  WHY,  Why are you doing this to me?  I don't think I can handle this. I have two young children.  I just gave birth, I am tired. Why?  Then I slap myself and said Mama Wolf get those big girl panties out and start wearing them. You have to be strong for everyone now. 
I will be truthful with you all it was along haul. There were alot of scary times. But, Daddy Wolf did well. He is now 16 years Cancer free.  We are so happy and have two wonderful daughters who are growing and doing great. I Thank God every day for my wonderful family.

There is one thing thought every time Daddy Wolf gets sick I think the worst. Someday I hope to out grow it. I doubt it though.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


It was a wonderful fall morning in the South a few years back. I was going to school for nursing. Got up took a shower and got all my books together to go to class. Kiss Daddy Wolf good bye who was sleeping as he work the night shift.  Left the apartment. Had a long hall to walk down and to the car. Went outside and just felt weird like something or someone was watching me. Looked around didn't see anyone so thought hmm must be just me. There was a group of guys across the street going to school to become police officers so maybe that is what I was feeling. Had my hands full of books and my lunch. Was getting my keys to open the car back then we didn't have those electric power openers.  As I open the passenger side of the door to put my books and lunch on the seat someone gave me a push in the car, told me to shut up, don't scream don't say anything and he wouldn't hurt me.  I was shock,  I just sat there for a second, seem forever to me.  He went to the driver's side and said shit I can't drive get your ass over to the driver seat drive and don't say a word. I started to get out of the passenger door and he said no move over from inside I looked at him and he said do as I say.. So, I did got over to the drivers side and started the car and he said now listen to me do as I say and no one and I mean no one will get hurt do you understand.  He ask where I was going I told him and he said well guess what your plans are changed today you are going a different way.  So, off we went he need a ride to a bigger town that was about 3 hours from us.  He talked to me the whole time, hit me off and on if I went over 55 mph.  Told me if I seen any road blocks or anything I need to keep going and go fast.  I didn't have the nerve then to ask him what he did or why we were running. I was so scared my mind was doing many things. I knew I would never see Daddy Wolf again and I was never going back to school. My life was ending today.  I was crying inside and talking to God the whole time asking for help and asking Why?  He told me was hungry and started eating my lunch, like I was going to stop him.  He then went through my purse looking for money, credit cards anything he could find. 
We were about a hour or so down the road, when I spoke for the first time, I told him we need to stop somewhere for gas or we would be on the side of the road and be found for sure.  Well there was  a gas station about 15 minutes down the road so he said take that exit.  Told me we couldn't stop at any gas station it had to be one where someone came and pump the gas for you.  I thought wow that is going to be hard to find one.  We got off the exit and as we were going through town who do you think was on the side of the road but a police officer. I thought  Great this will be over soon. Then I had this big slap on the side of the face and he told me to look straight and watch my speed and do as he says.  By, then I was crying I was scared and my face hurt. He told me shut up or he would hurt me worst.   Well we drove through town and finally found a gas station that was not self serve.  I pulled up to the pumps and we sat there a while he said don't move someone will come and sure enough someone came to my window. I was so scared I looked at the older man and said I need to be filled up he said ok and went to start filling me up.  While the gas was pumping he checked the oil and washed the windows for us. The whole time the man that was with me was getting really antsy, I guess because it was taking to long I don't know. Then he looked at me and said I need to use the restroom don't leave do you understand. I looked at him and thought you go and believe me I wouldn't wait for you. I said ok very scared.  He left I looked at the man that was pumping my gas and said I need to go now I will be right back to pay you please take the gas pump out of my car I have to go. He ask me if I was ok I told him no I was kidnap and I need to get out of here, he padded me on the shoulder and said take care sweetie don't worry about the gas and I left.  I took off I know I was going fast I was so scared by then I was shaking and crying I ran every red light in town went over speed limit hoping to find a cop and nothing.  You know the saying there is never a cop when you need one.  I was so scared, don't know where my mind was by then so I drove all the way back to the apartments woke up Daddy Wolf told him what happen he told me we need to go to the police and report this. Well I said ok. We went to the local police told them what happen they had already caught him he was on the run after he hit the wonderful man at the gas station and took all the money where we stop to get gas.  I felt so bad and was so scared for him. He was ok just shaken up.  When I went to see him we hugged each other.  The nightmare didn't end there we had to go to long court thing for him. He was in jail for killing his father, and broke out of  jail and was on the run when he got me and other man at the gas station.   So, court day came I didn't want to go I didn't want to see him, my lawyer said don't look at him and just tell them what happen. Went in there and got on the stand and started to talk and he started to laugh out loud and wouldn't stop. I wanted to get out of the chair and slap him silly but I knew I had to strong, so I could get this over with and get on with my life or try to any way.
Well he got life in prison for killing his father and few years for kidnapping me and some time for hurting the gas station man.  I thought wow now I can go on. Well its not that easy. To this day I never go outside my home without looking around and knowing who is around me. Yes, I know sometimes when I am some where people might think I am looking at them but I'm really not I just need to know who is there and what they look like. Will I ever get over this I don't think so. I wish I could but I haven't yet. I am scared to go anywhere early mornings or nights myself.  If I do, I run to the store door to my car and get in and lock it fast. 

I was hoping by now I would be over this, but I guess its something I will carry with me for the rest of my life.
Daddy Wolf was a great support person to me alot. I hate to bother him all the time with it.  But, sometimes I wish I had someone to talk to about this maybe I would get through this.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Death! It's very painful and hard to understand.  You wonder why?  I know I have question God so many times in my life it's not funny. I have given up on him sometimes and I know I shouldn't but I didn't understand.  I was told God doesn't give you anymore then you can handle. Wow!  he must think I have some big shoulders or is one strong women. But, sometimes I know I am not. 
I faced my first death when I was 15 years old.  My father passed away in front of me.  It was so hard. I cried for days and walked around in daze for along time. Couldn't understand why or how we were going to make it. My father was bread winner. My mother never worked outside the home. The death tore our family apart and still has.  My mother never let us talk about him or it. I only talked to my sister who was my rock. 
Then six months later my rock my sister passed away. She drowned a swimming pool.  I cried and cried, couldn't understand why the Lord would take her away now who did I have no one. What was I going to do?  I don't know. I want to give up so many times in life.  I act out in school and home. My mother never had time for me. Always telling me couldn't wait till I was 18 the day I turn 18 she told me I was out, my bags would be packed and ready.  Wow! that was another blow. I know I didn't make things easy for her but I was crying for help.  I needed someone to talk too. to tell me it was going to be ok.  But, I never found that person.  
Then five years later we went through again, my baby brother pass away from a heart condition.  Then I really started question God and saying why?  What did I ever do to you to have to go through this so young? 
I know I couldn't turn to my family for support. I did meet a wonderful man whom I been with for over thirty years that's been wonderful and there for me. 
We moved away from the area to try and start a fresh life as I wasn't happy there. My high school friends were mean and bully me I needed to start all over and begin life all over again. 
We moved south to start a fresh life and enjoy it.   Then when Daddy Wolf's father got sick we moved back up north to be close by him.  We stayed there awhile to try and build a relationship with my family, got no way so off we went back south.  
Then Daddy's Wolf  Sister became sick with brain cancer and had a stroke on the table, couldn't take care herself and didn't want to move in a nursing home. So, we packed up our belongs and moved up there in her home to take care of her.  She was alot of work, she couldn't go to the bathroom had to wear diapers, couldn't feed herself, couldn't bath herself.  She was like a another child to us but alot bigger. She became part of our life. We went every where with her.  Yea there were days and time you just wanted to throw in the hat and say enough is enough. Never got  break from it. Couldn't do anything as family.  She couldn't go to movies, or anything wouldn't sit. Ask her children and other members of the family to give us break no one would. It got to be so hard on us. We had two girls that were in things we couldn't go watch them or do things with them as we had her. She was hooked up to a feeding tube and in a wheelchair or bed, there was no family  to help us. My girls told us one time it was like watching a snowman melt slowly.  Wow that hit us hard. They were acting out as we didn't have the time for them. We knew we had to do something or we would mess up there life's and they were to young for that.  We ask her son for some time off. Now get this, this is what he told us. Why do you need time off?  What I drop the phone and said you got to be kidding. Do you work 24/7 without a day off. I mean we never got to do anything for over 13 months. He then stated well if you need some time off we will put her in a nursing home and leave her there. Wow! that was a blow to us and her.  But, I knew I had to do it to help my family, I was losing them.  They need me I was so torn. So, we gave them 30 days notice and told them to find someone to take over. That was the hardest day of my life when I had to tell her. She was so heart broken she stop speaking and wouldn't talk to us the rest of the time. When we took her to the nursing home and told her good bye she spoke for the last time and told us to please come back and get her. My heart broke I didn't have the heart to tell her no. you see she didn't understand alot of things. Some things she did.  We called her many times to check up on her like I said she became a child to us and  we couldn't just throw her away and forget her.  We called her a week before her birthday and her last words were to us please come back and get me.  She die a week later with a broken heart, alone and sad. My heart  is still heavy.  I think  why couldn't I have been a little bit more strong for her.  Or why couldn't her son understand and give us some family time for the girls. 
I will never understand that one either. 
Then we moved back down south to start all over.   Was down a few years then my mother in law got sick and was put in a nursing home and hated it.  So, we decide to move her in with us. Where was my mind I don't know wasn't in the right place I know that. My mother in law never like me from day one and let the whole world know it.  She learned after a few years, I wasn't going to go any where so we kind of got use to each other. Not best friends or anything like that. Just talked to be nice know what I mean.  So, when Daddy Wolf ask to bring her in. I thought well I been in the family over thirty years. She doesn't care for me well maybe with old age she got better. Boy, was I slapped in the face when she moved in big time. She was the boss and that was it. No that wasn't going to happen. She wasn't going to boss the Wolf Daughters around.  She could do her thing and we did ours. Well that lasted awhile then Mom got worst so I had to shut down alot of things to take care of her. Once again we were prisoners in our home. We couldn't do anything as we couldn't leave her alone and she couldn't go out much.   Things were very hard on the family with her here.  Our family was once again suffering.  We were strong we had alot of tears, alot of yelling. alot of why?    Sometimes were great we laughed together.   Mom passed away. It was hard for us all.
But, I tell you one thing I will never I mean never do it again. Its to hard on family and relationship.  You have to think of your family first and with no other family members helping you are stuck. 

So, yes I have question God alot in my life asking why?  I might never know the answers to any of my question.  Maybe I not meet to know the answers I don't know. 
Then yesterday a girl I knew took her life.  Why?  My heart is broken.  Something or someone must of hurt her bad. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

My heart is broken!

Today when I came home from work, I was told a good friend of mine pass away. My heart is broken and don't understand why right now.  With times all will become clear. I know she is in a better place but she is going to be miss on earth.   ((((Hugs))) to all her wonderful family and friends.  Times like this you just don't know what to say or how to say it.  Everyone is hurting and having troubles.  All we can do is be there for each other and lean on one another when need too.   She will be miss and times will be hard for those who are really close to her for awhile.   Only time will help. It wouldn't heal it just helps.    Love you all.  

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Don't we all have fears in our life's that we don't like to face one time or another in life. Mine is the dentist.  I know I need to go. I just wish I could find a good one that is understanding patient and gentle. I know I am asking a lot.  I use to have this wonderful dentist up north I went to all the time and he understood me well. Now finding one down South.  I am about ready to have them pull them all then I wouldn't have the trouble I have.  First we have no insurance so I need to find one that will take payments too. That could be tough. I know I need to do some research for the area.  Dentist are hard to come by.  I know I need some pulled and some filled wow could be a lot of money out of the pocket but finding dental insurance is hard too.   Then once I find one, all that I got to do is get in the car and drive to the dentist, find the place then shut the car off and get out the car then comes the worst part opening the door and saying Hello I am so and so and I have appointment at this time.  Then they give you all this wonderful paper work to fill out while you are waiting and you are sitting there listening to all the drills going on in the background saying  Dear Lord please I ask you to give me the strength to be strong and go in there. Then while you are waiting you get light head and you know its not because you haven't eaten its because you are so scared.  You get up when they call your name and walk back in a fog and your lighted head saying Lord help me walk this hall.  Then comes the door you been not wanting to see and they open the door and said take a seat the dentist will be with you soon. Your legs are knocking together you know they have to hear it.  You walk to the chair and just fall in and say Lord if the dentist doesn't come in here soon I will leave.  The whole time you are there you hear more drills going and you are getting more and more nervous and think can I do this.  Then just when you are about to give up the dentist walks in and say hello I am so and so lets take a look at your mouth.  Wow you need a lot of work..  I know I been putting it off. I don't like dentist.  Ok lets start shouldn't take long today.  One hour later you are still in the chair.  Lord I need you to give me a big kick in the butt and out this door and to a dentist before I end up with no teeth in my mouth.  I also need you to give me the strength to get through it all. I am so scared I just can't explain its my worst fear in life.  I wish I knew something I could do to get through it.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our bloods are getting thin!

Two days in the 40's with clouds and wind and I been chilled to the bone. I know if we were back up north they would love the 40's be running around in shorts. I think my bloods thin out or something. I don't know. I know one thing  they don't like to turn the air off down here. They leave it on running low. What it's 40 out shut it off give it a break.   I know I need to get back up north before I can't stand the cold weather at all. I know one thing I don't like the heat and I don't like the cold. Hmmm I wonder how I can work that one out. I love it when it's in the 70's and no higher. Must be a dream land, will have to go look it up.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Post Storm!

It was a tornado that went through the other night.  Daddy Wolf and I went out the following day looking at the town,  trailers were flatten, roofs off house, fence down, trees up rooted. It look like a small war zone went through the area.  A few towns around us got hit too. The loud sound that sound like a train was the tornado going through. It really bother our dog alot. So, happy to have him around. I know can rest my little head knowing my wonderful dog will be there to wake us up when he thinks we need to be woken up. 
Glad the storm is over now it's time for clean up around town and help those that need it. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Storm came rolling through!

Got woke up this morning at 4 am by a storm, I thought for sure was going to blow my house down and others too.   At 4 am our dog went wild, kept barking and barking until we got up. By then the lighting was so close and sharp you didn't need any lights to see to get around it lighted up the whole house. Thank God we didn't need lights by then all lights in the area were out. Then the hail came wow it sound like we were in middle of jar with marbles hitting the lid.  Very loud. The thunder was loud too. The winds were strong.  Got the little Wolf Daughters up and away from the windows nothing we could do as we have no basement. Just sit in the hall way and pray that nothing happens.  After the storm rolled through around 5 am we all went back to bed till 9 am and up to see all the damage outside. Lights came back on around 9 am. Thank God nothing bad really happen to us. In the neighbor hood alot of trees down and fences. Leaves all over, our little tree got it. Looks like a bunch of mice or worms got at it. Thank God no one was hurt.  Items can be replace, might not be the same but they can be replace.  People can't and Thank God no one was hurt.   So, we count our blessing and move on to another day.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Second week end in the New Year all ready!

Looks like another year is going to come and go before we know it. You know the saying as you get older time fly's, sure  glad I am only 29.  Wow if I was older I am sure it would really go. Had a busy week with work. Worked every day then came home and we did school with the Wolf Daughters, did housework and cooked. It was a good week just busy. 
Now the weather man is saying some cooler weather now that would be great so I can sit in the hot tub last time I sat in the hot tub the out side air was so warm you couldn't enjoy it. So, now maybe we can a few days it would be great.  But, this blood is getting thin don't want it too cold but don't want it to hot. I know, I know I am picking asking for alot.  But, don't we all want what we can't have. Then when we get to the other side we want more. Like one time I was in driving with my father to feed the cows and I said Dad look at those cows reaching there heads over the fence to that grass.  He then said yes like the saying goes the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.  I found out in life yes the grass might be greener on the other side but doesn't mean its any better.  Every spot has a few pebbles that need to be move around to make us comfortable. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Is it spring or what?

LOL so funny. I was just wondering if my calendar was wrong, it does say January but outside says spring. I went and  mowed the grass the other day the front anyway and all the trimming. Then I got called into work off to work I went then they Little Wolf Daughters did the back for me. They are so sweet. Now it all looks great.  Water the flower and trees haven't had any rain since Sept. but I am sure once we get it, it wouldn't stop for awhile.   I just thought it was funny mowing in January, never heard of that but then again I was raise in the snow country and we never mowed anything we shoveled everything and it was heavy. So, I guess I will take mowing over shoveling right now. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to work we go.

Well the wonderful vacation and time off is done, now time to go back to work and make some money.
It was a busy day. But, then again that's ok makes the day go faster for me too. One thing I don't like is slow days and you sit and look at the clock and wonder if it will end. Didn't have that today. Look at my clock one time it was nine and then the next time I look at it, it was 3 pm.  Wow where did the time go. Came home started school with the Wolf Girls, then stop for supper then more school when Daddy Wolf came home got it done.  Now off to watch my Little House. The Wolf Daughters gave me a bunch of Little House on DVD for Christmas loving them.

Monday, January 3, 2011


I don't think as long as I live I will understand people. I just gotten to the point to not pay attention to them and let there words not hurt me anymore. 
I got this comment a couple of times the last two weeks we were off for the holidays.  When do you all plan on starting up again? Wow you all taking that much time off.  What are they going to do with all there time?  Well we are only taken as much time as the public school kids in our area take.
Well first I would like to tell you we are no different then public school kids, yes we need breaks too, we do get tired of studying and want a little free time. No it doesn't or will make us dumb by taking the time off.  Yes, we are human and like to go shopping with friends, out to eat or to movies too. 
Just because we are homeschool doesn't me we are a freak. 
We get up every morning at 6 am or 7 am and get dress, brush our teeth, comb our hairs. Just like public school kids do.
We eat breakfast. Then we start our school.  We might not go and sit down at a real school desk but we do study and learn just like public school.  We do take a lunch break and then we go right back at the books till we are done.
So, please don't look at us like we are weird or have some kind of disease, we are normal and we put our pants on the same way you all do.  Its just that we choose to homeschool doesn't me we are bad or weird.  Well then again maybe we are weird that's ok.  We all can't be the same or it would be a funny world wouldn't it?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bleeds getting thin

Think I been in the South to long my blood is getting thin.  If I get cold when the temps are in 60's and 30's for lows yea I think my blood is getting thin. Wow!  I don't know what my little old body would do if I moved back up north. I guess get use to it. Like I got or I should say still trying to get use to the darn heat. I love this cold, but it is damp out there. Feels nice to have something  different out there. I know on New Years Eve it was in the 80's down here. Just to darn warm for the end of December but when the cold front came through it came through. Now I just need to sit back and enjoy as summer will be here soon in my Old Souther Home.