Thursday, December 30, 2010


Wow!  Where did the year go? It seem to just pass by so fast.  When I was younger I remember my Grandma always saying never wish your life away it goes fast.  I think I was ten years old then I laughed under my breathe and said yea right.  Well as I gotten older it sure does. It seems like you just turn around the day is gone then its a new month and before you know it another year gone by. 
Daddy Wolf always said once we had children it will be easier to measure by and he was right too.

2010 flew by and we have so much to be thankful for.  We have a roof over our heads to keep us safe and warm or cool.  We had food on the table to keep us full and happy.  We had money to go do a few things.  And most of all we had our health.   So, good bye 2010 thanks for wonderful memories sure going to miss you next time slow down a little so we can enjoy your time. 

Yes, we had a few little pebbles in the road that we had to move out the way, but isn't that part of growing up and every day life.   Every day is not perfect. Some days come with a little pebble that you have to work hard at and move out the way, but once you get it move things seem to go ok. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Woke up to some Rain!

Woke up this am to some rain and little lighting. Didn't last long but was great what little we got.  Not going to be picky every little bit helps. 
It does make the yard muddy and then the dogs track it in. But, if it wasn't mud it would be dead grass on there fur. So, it will be what it will be and we will take it and be happy with it. 

Daddy Wolf went to work this morning and called a few minutes later saying he got over the big bridge but the van broke down he was calling a tow truck.  So, I got dress and told the Wolf Girls I was going to help dad so he could get to work. So, off I went what was suppose to be a 45 minute wait turn into a 2 hour wait. By then my big stomach was making so much news I thought it was going to claw out. LOL how can one have so much fat on them and still be hungry? You think my fat could eat off something. Oh well the tow truck finally came. Took Daddy Wolf to work then went to get Wolf Girls so we could go back over the big bridge to meet some of there homeschool friends and bring a couple of the girls back here to play for the day.  Van is still in the hospital going to need some brake work.  Hope it gets better soon we miss it. 

Girls are giggly in the hot tub and having fun.  
Another wonderful day at Wolf Bay High. There's nothing like hearing children laughter to make you smile.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Great Day in the South!

You got to love the days when your girls ask to go out for lunch and then to half price book store. We love that store can't get enough of it. Santa even brought gift cards for them to enjoy. I don't know I guess we are weird we haven't gotten in the kindles yet. Everyone I talk to say they are neat and worth it.  But, I love the book in my hand, I don't know must be old age. With time I am sure I will be there.  The girls and I were talking about it today how we love the idea of the book in our hands but think its great for those who travel and don't have room for books.  But, I hear alot of people are using the kindle and love it. Maybe someday I will have to take the time and check out the kindle.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Why is putting things away harder?

Did you ever wonder why putting things away are so much harder?  I have been all morning long.
We been putting all the Christmas things away, yes they all did fit in the box one time but darn it if they wouldn't this time, so had to make a trip to wally world to get more plastic containers to put the rest of the stuff in. It seems like when you are putting things out it doesn't take that long, but when you are putting them away it seems to take forever or maybe its just because I am moving slower today I don't know.  But, the house sure looks bare here now with everything put away all down but the tree and we will wait awhile on that.  Its so pretty don't really want to take it down but know that it can't last forever its  real and its starting to die now. Now to get things ready for the New Year!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jack Frost

Woke up this am and Jack Frost came to the south to visit the Wolf Family. Wow can't believe it. Feels so nice to be cold a little.  All the roof tops are white with a light frost and the air smells so clean.  Where you been Jack Frost we miss ya.  Glad you came to visit. Sorry you can't stay long but it was nice having you for a day maybe two will make us enjoy spring when it comes if you come a few more times.  Thanks for the nice cool morning and refreshing the air. Hopeful freezing some of the bugs and things out there but don't know if you will be around long enough for that.  But, like I said it was nice see you again.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas My Blog friends and others who I am honor that read my blog!

Wish you all a Merry Christmas. Hope you all had a great Christmas and Santa was good to you.
Santa was good to us. This year I got a call from Santa and he said he didn't want milk from us he gets enough of that so we left him some sprinkle wine.  He like it and took the whole bottle with him said he would drink it with Mrs. Clause.  We also left him homemade lemon bars and some  cheese and crackers.  They all must of like it everything was gone when we got up and little foot prints all over and reindeer droppings all over. Yes they were reindeer dropping not chocolate covered raisins. How do I know I pick them up and mush them between my fingers that is how I know.  

Daddy Wolf and Mama Wolf sat in the hot tub a couple of times too. It felt good. The temps finally drop a little not much but hey guess we can't complain it was 80 out.  It was only 64. 

Fix a nice meal for the family then we all settle down for a long winter nap. Then up for some more ham and watching movies. 

Merry Christmas everyone I hope you all had a great day.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is this Bullying in Adults?

Is this Bullying among adults if not what do you call it then?   The Wolf Family have been sitting around the dinner table the last few nights and wondering if they don't call this bullying among adults then what is it called. 

First if we want our children to stop then adults need to stop.  

Yes, I know its hard to believe but we all are different. Each and everyone one us of us are different in our way. Yea we might not drive the same car you do, but that is ok there are plenty out there to choose from. We might not eat the same kind of foods you do, but that is ok there are plenty out there to choose from. We might not go to the same school you go too, but that is ok there are plenty out there to choose from. We might not read the same books you do but that is ok there are plenty out there to choose from. We might not go to your same church but that is ok there is plenty to choose from.  

Who are we to judge? I was always told we were never to judge people to give people a change. Hmmm that is not true in America for sure. 

The Wolf Family had been traveling alot for Daddy's Wolf job we were lucky got to meet alot of wonderful people and some well we are still trying to figure out how they can judge people so hard. 

Maybe we miss something I don't know.  Like I said we been through alot of states and the State we find to be the hardest is the South Texas. Why?  I don't know.  

I will give you all a example.  We moved to the South and made it our home. We homeschool the little Wolfs and decide it was time to join a homeschool group for the Wolfs girls to meet others and for Mama Wolf to find some support. Well I found support alright don't think it was good. 
Every Friday morning we woke the Wolf Daughters up and told them time to start school then off to play group and play practice.   Oldest Daughter didn't like acting so she usually brought a book to read while little Wolf went to play practice.   Little Wolf is a great actor and loves to act.  So, when we found this group we thought wow this is great.  First of all I couldn't believe my eyes when I enter they looked at us like what, where did they come from. No one and I will say this again no one can and welcome us or introduce them self to us. I had to go around and introduce us to everyone. What?  Am I miss something?  Ok got over that hump.  We stay the rest of the meeting then on the way home Oldest Wolf Daughter said Mama I don't really like the way the group treated us and how they all just kept looking at us. Well me the Mama Wolf trying to stick up for them and help the little Wolfs out said well they were just checking us out and it should be better the next time.  We really wanted to stay as Baby Wolf wanted to move on with her acting career.  So, we did give it several months try and as the months went on I couldn't believe how we were judge or bullying is what I called it because we weren't from the South,  because we didn't go to there church, because now this is the one that gets us the most because Oldest Daughter Wolf read a Harry Potter book during play practice and it had magic in it. Well hello alot of people do. Anyway it hurt us so bad they bullied her told her she would go to Hell and all. Hello who are you to judge us?  Why look there's another girl over there she is dress in Harry Potter stuff now why aren't you judging her. Oh her mom and dad has more money I see I got it and they go to your church. So, its ok if I went to your church and gave more money then my daughter could read Harry Potter. Hello no thats not how it works.   Well we finish out the play as Baby Wolf liked it but was hurt the whole time how we were judge after that point. They were hard on Baby Wolf made it very hard for her to do the play. 
If I have to say so my self she did a wonderful job and rock the show.  Yea I am proud Mama Wolf but aren't we all proud of our little ones.  Anyway after the play we decide we back off. The pain was just to much for the little Wolf's they were having trouble with it and it hurt them bad. Yes this happen a couple of years ago but they still talk about it. Do we see these people yes from time to time what do they do? Well most the time they act like they don't see us or they say oh hi and act so sweet.  Well you know what we get up every morning and put our pants on the same way you all do. We don't go to your church, and I am glad now we don't if you treat people that way. You are not put on this earth to judge us.  The little Wolf's ask to this day why are they that way?  I still don't have a good answer for them?   But, I do tell them to be them self, enjoy life and they can do anything there little minds want.  Don't let people like them mess up there life. We all are different.

Why?  Do adult's bully?  I don't know.  But, they kept saying its in the schools, yes it is but it has to stop with Adult's first.   I don't understand why people do this. We all are humans put on this earth the same way and yea some of us do things different then others but that is what makes the world go around.  

Yea, another thing that is so funny, they judge my Oldest Wolf Daughter for reading a Harry Potter book and you listen to some of those ladies pass and it will throw you off your seat. But, you see that is ok. No it's not, part of growing up is learning and making mistake can't they see they did it. 
What would they do if someone would of judge them?  I hope these ladies have a great life and once and while think what they are doing and saying and how they hurt others. It is bullying in my books. 

We are adults we are here to help and lead our children in the right path. Yes, they will make mistake but didn't we all. We made it and some things we might not be proud of others we are. But, that is part of growing up and learning. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Moon Eclipse

Went to bed for a little nap then got up around 2 am with the little Wolfs to see the Eclipse it was pretty cloudy so only got to see  a little bit of it. To us it just look like a dark shadow over the moon or maybe I should say over the sun. You could see light through it,  so off to bed we went. 

Now, the little wolfs are still sleeping this mama wolf needs to get all of Santa gifts wrap and under the tree soon.  Maybe I can find a wonderful elf to help me.  

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Where did the year go?

Today is Baby Wolf turn 16 years old. Where did the time go? Wow seems just like yesterday I was going into labor and having her and bringing her home she was a little bundle of joy only 5 lbs. She has brought a lot of joy to our family and laughter.   Wolf family wouldn't be the same without her. She is a our little drama queen.  Always has a way to make you smile. Love you baby girl. Hope you had a great day.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wow! I am getting old or something!

Very busy day at work today. The little ones are so excited for Christmas its so cute to see them and hear them. They just can't wait.  I remember when my wolf daughters were young and those days were the best.  Christmas morning coming down stairs to see there eyes when they seen all the present and every present they open its something they always wanted.  To funny. 

Today the little ones had trouble sitting.  Poor things.  I look at them and said to myself. Honey don't wish your life away it goes by fast.   Before you know you will be a mom or dad with little ones waiting for Santa to come. One little girl look at me and said. Ms. do you have children? I stated yes she said are they excited about Christmas I said yes. She said now you see why we can't sit still. Out of the mouths of babes.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why is it hard to say No?

I have always had troubles saying no to anyone. If I say no then I feel bad for along time then I go ahead and let them do it.  Where I work I never say no to anyone if they ask me to do this or that. Why is that?  I don't know I guess I don't like to make people upset so I say yes even if its more work for me.  Or if I was going to get something for me and they wanted this or that and something had to go it would be mine. I was sitting today at working in between lunch and going back and asking myself why do I always do this to myself, why do I say yes to everything and wear myself down. Why can't I just say no and not feel bad and know its ok to say no sometime. Everyone has the right to say no, it doesn't mean you are a bad person it just means you can't do it at this time but next time you might be able too.  I need to get stronger and know its ok to say no and when you say no doesn't mean you are bad or anything just means that sometime you can't do or you don't have the time.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Busy! Busy! Busy!

This time of the year is so busy for everyone out there. Time just goes. Busy getting those gifts for everyone and baking all those wonderful cookies that we only have once a year. Address all those wonderful cards and getting them sent.  Then having all those Christmas parties.  So much to do and so little time to do it in.  Just wish things were spread out a little bit.  But, then again that wouldn't be Christmas would it?  If we all weren't rushing around and wondering how we were going to get everything done all those gifts wrap and under the tree.  But, things seem to get done if not all the way the best they can and it always seems to turn out ok.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Identity Theft

Wow some people sure have a lot of nerve.  This week end Daddy Wolf and I were going to go Christmas shopping for the little Wolfs.  When we went to use our card we couldn't said it wouldn't go through.  Wow!  I knew something was wrong as I left extra in there so we wouldn't have to carry cash around which isn't good thing to do this time of the year.  We had to come home and get on the computer to go to our bank to see what happen. Here someone had gotten Daddy's Wolf card and was going to town with it. I hope they are having a Merry Christmas right now because we do plan on pressing charges and getting through this.  I don't want to be a scrooge but man this isn't nice. 
I hope the person is caught. The police and the store they use the card three times at seems to think it will not be any trouble getting them.  I just think it takes a lot of nerve for someone to do this.  I don't like to be mean or hurt anyone but man when you mess with My Christmas and our little money that's not good. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

When it rains it pours!

You know the saying when it rains it pours. Well that seems to happen to me all the time. I can sit some days and wondering what to do, phone never rings. Then the next day phone never stops ringing and there is tons of things to do.   Yesterday was one of those days every one wanted to call and ask about this or that and I had the house to clean for a showing that night and had to get party stuff around for a birthday party. Well we made it through the day, but wonder why things can't be spread out a little more.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Busy Time of the year!

Just busy with work and getting ready for the holidays. Tomorrow a big day at Wolf Bay High. Big Daughter Wolf will turn 18 years old. Wow where did the time go. Wasn't it just yesterday she was born and they took her from my arms and flow her to another hospital saying her lungs were ready. She was only 4lbs and fighting for every breath of air.  I looked at Daddy Wolf and Said no it can't be true. We fought for 13 years for her now they are saying she is fighting. I looked at her before they took her away held her little hand and kiss her cheeks with big tears running down my faces and ask her to fight for us. We loved her so much and wanted her so bad. I finally got  release from the hospital to go see little Wolf wow she was fighting and working so hard. I couldn't nurse her yet it took way to much of her energy to just breath. The little thing work so hard. But, she did it. Now she is turning 18 on Dec. 9, 2010  Love you Princess you are so special to Mommy and Daddy Wolf and always will be.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

201o Christmas Tree

Here is some pictures of our tree now that its done.


 Here's another one with Daddy Wolf by it.


Its Christmas all over!

Had a lovely day yesterday with the family.  Did things around the house, then we all got ready and off we went to the mall to see if we could join in the holiday spirits with all the wonderful people out there. Boy, was it crowd but everyone was in a great moods. I love this time of the year. Seems people are so happy and cheerful. You can do almost anything to anyone and say you are sorry and they understand.  Wish Christmas was longer. Love to see people happy. Then we went off to Sam's Club love to sample all the neat and new Christmas food they have out.  Had lots of good ones again. 
Then we came home and rest.  Went for a walk, then load up in the van and off we went to see the Christmas boat parade and the lighting of the tree.  Everything was so pretty, the music was great. 
Meet a lot of neat people.   What a great day!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Time!

Christmas time is a wonderful time of the year. It seems everyone is happy and willing to help others more.  Lights our out,  Santa is all over, trees up. No snow darn it. But, maybe next year if we are lucky.  Stores are full of people shopping for everyone.  I love this time of the year all the great music out there its so pretty. Now I need to get shopping and baking. Cards done hmmm don't know about that might just do e cards this year. 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What a pretty day!

Can't ask for better weather this time of the year. Got 68 out today. Other then being windy out it was wonderful.  Can't have everything or we wouldn't like the prefect days all the time.  Weather man says some frost tonight. Went out and mowed the front lawn today and put out some Christmas things to make it look like Santa is coming. 
Now need to start baking. Need to sit down this week end and make a list of what we want to bake and then get started.  We love to bake several kinds of cookies but always make small batches so we don't get tired of them.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cutting down our tree

Over the Ocean and through the City to Tree farm we headed.
We had a great day looking through trees for that right one. 
We found one just standing there all along, needing a home
so on went the gloves out came the saw and down came the 
16 foot tree.  Loaded that tree on the wagon and dragged it back
to the van. Load it up and off to home we went. 
Now its time to dress the tree up for Jolly Ole Saint Nick.  

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

School done till Monday!

Here at Wolf Bay High we are off till Monday. Going to take a Holiday break, go cut down our Christmas tree. Hope the weather cools down a little to make it feel like Christmas not July. 

Finish the school day yesterday on a good note.  Big Wolf Daughter has three subject to finish up and she is done with High School wow where did the time go.
Baby Wolf took a Civics exam and got 100 percent. Way to go Baby Wolf.  We studied hard on that one. 

Happy Thanksgiving Blogger Friends hope you all have a Wonderful Day!  

Monday, November 22, 2010

Maybe its I try to hard?

I don't understand people sometimes, but maybe I'm not meet too.  Who knows?  With e mail and texting now days, along with the phone why is hard to keep in touch.  You text someone and or send them a e mail and it takes forever to get a respond. Yes, I understand we are busy. I am too. I work outside the home forty hours a week, come home and homeschool two teen age girls, take care of our house to keep it running, including bills and all. Yes, I run the Wolf Daughters here, there and ever where too.  
What I don't get is if you have the time to read the darn thing, why can't you text back, its fast and easy and say sorry busy talk later. Then we will get the point.
I have given up on texting, e mail and calling people. They are going to have to do it to me first. I don't care if they think I mad or whatever but I am tired of always being the first one to do the move and then they never respond or when they do 3 days later oh I am sorry we could do this with you we were busy. Ok you read the dam text or e mail had time to do that why didn't you have time to respond a short note and say busy sorry can't make it, bingo done. Wow that was easy. 

I have done this way to long and when I don't they will say we thought you were mad you haven't text or e mail in awhile. Well honey now the tables are turn. Lets see how you like it. We are busy here at Wolf Bay High but I always though its nice if someone e mails, text or calls you, you can take two second to say sorry we are busy thats all not much.   
I remember it was along time before we got texting at Wolf Bay High. Everyone told me get it, its worth it the only way we keep in touch. LOL yea right. Another joke. 
Anyway we are going to get busy again here at Wolf Bay High.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turkey out!

Getting ready for the big day. Got a smoke turkey today and all the trimmings to go with it.
Now need to get the little Wolf Daughters to make the pumpkin pie and then we are ready for a nice big feast. 

Then the day after we are off to get our tree. Looking at getting a 14 to 16 foot tree this year. 
We will cut it our self. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Still thinking this over and wish I could help more!

If you been reading my posts alot of you all will know I talked on this subject before. Its Bullying will it stop.
My answer will always be the same the answer is no it wouldn't.  I think the only thing we can do is try to control it but I think it will always be there as long there are people. 
Bullying is not only in school or with children. I have seen it with adults for many years and still see it.
Yes, I try my best to please everyone and found out that don't work. Just please your family and love ones the others well, be nice but don't please them it will never work.  Just be yourself and let others know you are human you make mistake, you are doing your best, and are willing to learn.

Since I went back out in the work force which I have been out of for many years. I see alot of bullying with adults. Wow! and they yell at children to stop it. Come on it has to stop with us. If they see us doing it they will do. You know the saying monkey see monkey do.  Well that is true. 
I see where no one will take the blame for anything its always someone else fault.  But, that's the America way its always someone else fault.  I don't understand why. I will give  you all example we use to be in a couple of groups down here and we left for the reason of bullying. But, you will more then likely guess it, one of them was our fault. But, I try to talk to the person but they wouldn't listen. Baby Wolf was hanging out with there son and the mother of the son wanted more of it ( like boyfriend and girlfriend) and Baby Wolf just wanted friendship. One day at a outing the mother came to me and said what are we going to do about this I said I am not going to get in the middle of it my Baby Wolf is almost 16 she is old enough to make up what her mind. I will not pick her friends let alone her boyfriend. Well you guess it our name became mud we were the bad guys again, because Baby Wolf wouldn't date there son. Well it hurt us alot it really did we did alot for this family and thought we were good friends.  I mean FRIENDS nothing else and because the mother wanted more it end up bad. Why? I never will understand, why they had to pass all the rumors about us, saying to others we said this, we did this. Hey hold on to your pants your mouths were running too. Stop now and grow up. Wow!  you see bully never stops and never will.  But, like I tell everyone I will never pick a boy for my Wolf Daughters. No I wouldn't  it has to be up to them. I will not live with them, so I feel I can't tell them who to pick. I can give them ideas or tell them something I see but doesn't mean they have to listen its a idea.

I wish I could talk to millions and millions of children about bullying. I was bully all my life. All through school. I want them to all know there are people out there who have been there. There are people who would help if you need it. Don't feel like you are the only one on that line out there ready to break. There is help.

I just don't get where people get off hurting people, never did. I always tell everyone we were put on this Earth for some reason. Yea, we all don't do the same thing, wear the same thing, drive the same thing, live in the same place. Some believe in God, others don't. Some go to church, others don't, that don't make us all bad.  But, we all have feelings.  They hurt the same way.  I am so glad we all don't do the same thing it would a very boring world.  

We need to remember that some need a little more help in on a subject or job then others.  We should help them not hurt them.   Like I tell my little Wolf Daughters.  Some kids talk or walk earlier then others that don't make them smarter then me or you. Just make them do something faster. You might read or do math sooner then them. Does that make them smarter no. It just shows you can do something faster.  That is why there is so many things out there for us to do. 

If we are skilled in something we should be proud and help those that need it. Be proud to teach or help others with your skill and know they love it too. Be patient with them and let them know you will be there to help. 

Don't bully and adults we need to stop it, before we can stop it in school.  Yes, we are here to pretend our children to show them the path to lead. Not to be bully.  Yes, we want our children to do this and that, but doesn't mean they will. They are human have minds and will do what they feel leads them there way. We have to be proud of who we are and who are children are.  Don't judge people for not doing or wearing something you don't like, they might be proud of it. We don't know what is going on in there minds.
 Also mom's and dad's don't judge a family because your child wouldn't date your son.  Your son is old enough to speak for him self. Same with daughters just be there to support them. There will be happy times and times of tears but love them for who they are be proud. 

I know my Wolf Daughters are our Proud and Joy.  Daddy Wolf and I are here to lead them on the right path. Will they go off the path I am sure they will they are human. But, I know one thing I will be there for them and tell them I am proud no matter what they chose to do.  Mistake they make that is what helps us learn by making mistakes and fixing them. 

We all are human and people talk and it will always be that. Which is fine but we don't need to bully people. 

Keep your head high, be proud of who you are and remember someone out there loves you and will be there for you no matter what. Just ask. Don't be afraid to ask, don't think by asking for help will mean there is something wrong with you . No way!  Like I tell everyone there is never a dumb question and I say the same about there is never a dumb person if you ask for help in anything.

Many days I wonder what kind of person I would of been if I could of talk to someone anyone. As I am typing this I have so many tears and so much pain. I say WHY?  Why did they do that?  I remember asking a teacher one time in school for help and that was the last time.  I see it yet to this day, like where I work and the group we were in. So I will end this with PLEASE if you are reading this and feel you are  being bully because you dress different then others, drive something different then others, live in a house different then others, married someone different then others wanted you too, or became something different then others wanted you too,or don't go to Church or believe in God differently then others want you too, doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you, you are special just like the other person. ASK for help and don't feel bad. I am here if anyone wants to talk. I will not judge you I will try my best to help. 

We all are special people in our own way! 


Thursday, November 18, 2010

To many to choice from!

Picking a electric company in Texas is like going to your local grocery store and picking out cereal.
Why do they have so many and they range in big different. Come on isn't electric, electric guess not.
Growing up North in Wisconsin I don't remember ever have a choice it was always CPL. Down here they got electric just for your area. Now its that time of the year for me again to do the search to see who will give me the right deal. One thing I learn they all promise you this and that,  but don't forget to read the fine print, that tells it all.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Where does the time go?

Sitting here planning out the Thanksgiving meal and wondering where the time went, wasn't it just Halloween.
I thought I was putting pumpkins outside and finding costumes for the little wolf's the other day. Now I am planning Thanksgiving and wondering if I want to hit the Black Friday Sale or just stay home and go after.
I don't really care for crowds, I don't think anything is worth the headache. But, then again it might be. 

Hmmm will have to see. 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

What a great Man and smart one!

I was up and going early this wonderful cool morning in the south. Had tons of things to do and guess what didn't get much done, got on facebook and talked to a classmate of mine. I talked to him a few times before but never this long and this deep.  Wow! when I got done with him I felt so good. I wish he was closer I know between him, me and another class mate Frankie I know we would try our hardest to take this bully stuff out.   I then went and had lunch with my wonderful hubby and was talking to him about it and he said as long as we have people it will never stop. I agree its still going on I see it in alot of adults too.
When things slow down I plan on adding bits and piece about my life and things I went through and how I felt. Some day I hope to put in a book. I know alot you will shake our heads you wouldn't believe it. But, like I told Steven I think the reason I am the way I am today is what I went through in the pass it sure made me a strong person. Sometimes I look at people that hurt me and think ok its in the pass lets get on, then my next breath is scare to let it go will they come at me again. Steven stated that sometimes some of the things that were done by these people we had to remember they were kids when this happen, yes that is so true, we all change I agree with that. But, why can't others see that and give it up.  I know I told him some things I think shock him about what happen and still does with a few people.  You know the saying what goes around comes around. There times a comin.  Will I feel sorry for them? Yes, because I am that kind of person I don't want anyone to ever go through what I went through and then have to fight day in and day out and ask yourself is it worth it. Is it worth getting out of bed and put your shoes on. Well back then I would say no. Now I would say yes, I have a wonderful husband, two great Wolf Daughters and I meet some wonderful Classmates that are helping me through this. Thanks again Steven and Frankie you two rock where you two been all my life.  Thanks Facebook for helping me find them.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Wondering will it Change.

Well we are back to the bully thing. I been hearing alot about it on our local news about how all these kids are being bully in school. Will it change?  No I don't think so.  Why? Because when you have tons of people together you are about to meet someone that you just don't get along with.  That's where the bully starts. 
Its sad but so true. Like I said in my other post I was bully so much in my high school years I wouldn't know what its like not being bully. 

What I feel the kids need is some strong parents to stand behind there children be there to back them up and give them all the support they need.
I will tell you one thing, one person ever bad mouths or hurt my little Wolf's they better be ready to meet this Mama Wolf and I will tell you my claws will be out in full. 

I never had the support from my mother. But, I broke that tie and I will be there for my Little Wolfs as long as I breath. 

Life is just to darn short, why can't people get a life and find something better to do then pick on people. To me I always felt they were small and couldn't find someone there own size to pick on so they go to the littler ones or they are trying to think they are big and better. 

Well guess what God made us all. Yes, some of us are big, some are small, some have long nose, some have short, some of us are white, others are black. I don't care we all are the same, might not look the same or dress the same but we are human.  

Remember next time you pick on someone, it could be you next time, would you like. I am sure you wouldn't I never like it like I said before I want to go hug all those children that are now being bully and tell them hang your heads high be proud of who you are.  Don't let them get you down. Its not easy. Its hard but remember to talk to someone important in your life and let them know what is going on.  I don't feel bad when those who bully get in trouble. I wish many times in my life they would of done something to those who bully me. I am sure they all are sitting there now saying I didn't do it. Yea right. I know I am not perfect yet today. I don't have a perfect body. I am proud of who I am. I do have along ways to go.
But, every day I look up and thank the Man who made it all possible for me to be where I am today.
With out I don't think I would be where I am. Many times I thought of ending my life rather then going through what I had to day after day.  

If I could talk to the ones that bully others I would tell them, how would you like it if you were pick on day in and day out. How would you feel if someone took there life because of you? 
I know the ones that pick on me, I don't think if I took my life it would of done a think to them. 

If I could talk to those who are being bully I would tell them. Talk to older adults let them know. If it doesn't seem like you are getting any where with that person then go to the next. Keep talking there is someone out there who will listen.  Be proud of your self you are beautiful we all are. Maybe not in away they think we should be. But, then again who are they?  

I really want bully to stop. Every time I see it on tv or hear it on the news I have tears in  my eyes so many memories come back to me.  I get goose bumps and I sit and think and wonder what are those people doing now that had so much fun bully me through my high school years. Who are they bully now? Or did they grow up and stop. Then I say I don't care, I don't care if I ever see them again, they are nothing to me. I have a wonderful family, I don't need them.

My heart goes out to all those being bully. Hang tight, talk, talk, talk to a older person. Don't give up if that person wouldn't listen there is someone out there that will. Sometimes it takes more then one person to listen.

(((((((((HUGS)))))))))))  I"m  here for anyone who needs to talk or if I can help let me know. I will help in anyway I can. We need to get this to stop its been going on for to long.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature!

Now how do we tell Mother Nature its November and its almost Thanksgiving time,time to cool down some. Had to turn the a/c back on again just to darn hot and humid out again. I  had to go look at my calendar and make sure it was November and not June. 
Bring on the cool air. I would like some cool weather so I can cook the turkey and not sweat. Then comes Christmas baking how can you bake in hot weather. I know turn a/c on. LOL
But, I guess we have to take whatever we get, we have no control over it.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

American History

Wow learning today about all the great things that happen in American and some things you want to forget. But, like I told the Wolf Daughters to learn something sometimes we have to learn some of the things that didn't work. That is what makes us stronger. We learn from those that already done it and know it didn't work.  We also learn somethings we know we don't want too. 
But, that is what makes us stronger. 

Big Daughter Wolf is teaching us alot of neat  Spanish words. Today we got to listen to a story and I was lost again.  But, Big Wolf help us. It was a great story.   The story kind of went with History don't give up keep trying and learning from others.  

Monday, November 8, 2010

Teaching Textbook!

We love Teaching Textbook at Wolf Bay High!  We were having troubles with Math and did lots of research on how we could help the little Wolf's when we found Teaching Textbook.  They are wonderful. I would tell anyone who's child is having trouble with Math to check them out.
Oldest Wolf daughter has gone through all them.  We had to put her in college Math now and she is loving Math.  Baby Wolf use to hate Math Day's until we got Teaching Textbook. 

Now I just need to talk to Teaching Textbook and have them do other subject.  
Then my Little Wolf's would love school every day!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Well voting is done for now for a while. That's good now we can get back to some good commercial on tv once again.  I am confused about all of it and I don't think I am the only one out there that is.  But, you see all you see on the news, read about in the newspaper, hear about it at school how they want bully to stop in the schools.  Well we adults need to grow up and stop it too.  All the commercial on tv before voting is about how so and so did this in the pass and its usually nothing good we want to hear about it.  Usually something about some sex thing or something that we could all care less about. Come on grow up, put those big girl or boy's panties on and get over it.  Yes, each and everyone did something in our pass we aren't proud of and wish we didn't but hey that's the pass that's the part of growing up we all make mistakes to learn. Some of us are just a little bit more mature and admit we did something we aren't proud of but we grew from it and now we are ready to be adults and get on with life. 

So, if we want bully to stop we need it to stop on tv and adults need to get put on there big boy or girl panties and say hey we are the adult now and we need to show example to our little ones. Let them know its not right, we been there and done it. 

Every other commercial before the election was how so and so did this and it happen 20 years ago. So, what. He or she has grown up and we all change give them a chance. They can't do any worst then anyone else that's been in office now. 

Now that elections are over with lets drop it and go on with our life. Yes, we aren't happy with whom is in office or some of are. But, they all seem the same to me. They promise us a golden gate bridge and when it comes down to it we get a wooden gate.  That's people, we promise and say what ever we can to get through the door and once the door opens we don't know what to do. Or we look at it under different lighting and say wow I promise that there is no way that will happen as long as I am office.  I feel right now they all talk about the same thing just to get behind the door. Once there are behind the door they are lost.  Could I do any better I don't think so. Could I do any worst don't think so.  So, who won, won and who lost, lost. You know in every game we play there is a winner and a loser. That's the same with the election. Those who won are happy and those who lost aren't.  We all need to put our big boy or girl panties and stop calling names and blaming this system or that for not winning or why we lost. No one wants to take the blame for anything now days. 

Where am I am going with this thread.  Well what I am saying if we want bully to stop we need to stop it with adults first.  Children of all age learn from us and if they see we get away with why can't they. 
I want bully to stop more then anyone I was bully so much in my life and I am tired and want to enjoy life. What did bully do to me?  Well it make me weak. I don't trust anyone. I am scared to make friends. I am scared to tell anyone about anything afraid I will slam down once again. 

You know Mama said life is like a box of chocolate.  We never know what we will get.  That is for sure. 

We need to all stand up be proud of who or what we are and act like adults. Help our children and stop the bully.  It's not getting us anyway in America.  I don't feel in my heart bully will ever stop I never seen it yet. Not as long as you got people it wouldn't. 

I just say if you a friend you can trust to talk too, hold on to that friend.  Life is short and we all need someone to lean on and yes we all have good and bad days. But, hey that's life and from bad we make the good.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Love the Cool Weather!

Sitting here tonight with all the windows open wind blowing in and enjoy the wonderful sound of little ones playing outside in this nice cool weather.  Its almost like you can breath again and walk outside with out having to worry about taking a bath right away as its so hot and humid. 
I love the smell of fresh air coming through the house.  Makes everything seem better. Makes me want to bake more. Hopeful it will be cool this week end when I am off so I can bake.

Studying for a math Exam today for Big Wolf daughter she just loves math.  Done every math class in high school working on college. 

Baby Wolf is working on driving and getting her English done for the year.

Daddy Wolf is busy writing a book and working.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

School! School! School!

We are off to a great start today at Wolf Bay High time for some exam.  Yea, the little wolf cubs are saying oh Mama Wolf why do we have to do these.  Well I tell them its to see where they are at and how they are doing.  No one likes test but its one of those things we have to do in life.  So, we are doing Math and Civics today.  So much fun right.  Way to much fun at Wolf Bay High. 

Nice cool crisp morning here in the South for a change.  Feels so refreshing and great. A little gloomy but hey we can't have sun all the time or we would get tired of it.   But, I will be truthful with you all these days make you want to go right back into the nice warm bed and sleep and read the day away. 
No luck for that today.  Maybe next gloomy day. 

Apple/Sage pork loin in slow cooker going away and making the house smell so fall like for supper tonight will make mash potatoes and green beans to go with. Oh and some homemade bread. Love that on cool days too.  Wow!  So many things you make on cool days.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November all ready!

Where does the time go? The calendar says November but the weather outside doesn't or I should say it didn't yesterday it was 90 outside, last night we had a storm go through and lost to of our school desk tops. Good ole lighting storm.  Sure drop the temps. though, thats the best part of it. Today only suppose to be in the 70's wow I hope so need some refreshing air to clean out all these germs going around.  You know those little buggers love to high all over the place and its nice once in awhile to air them out. 
Need to get busy and get Christmas going here.  What to do this year?   


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Will it ever stop?

Last night Daddy Wolf took Baby Daughter Wolf to movie.  Oldest Wolf Daughter and I stay home, she worked in her room on the computer and I watch a program on tv.  I was just searching through the tv to see what was on when I came across a program on bully.  The question was will it ever stop, like I said in my last post no it wouldn't not as long as you have alot of people together.
I really wish it would though.  I never got it when I was growing up and still don't.
I remember one time after the holidays I got  a new shirt, pants and shoes. I was so proud to go back to school to show them off.  What a big mistake to be proud.  I have learn if I am proud never show it.  This can happen if you do.  We were in class and the teacher went around asking us all what we got I was at the end of my seat waiting so excited to show and tell my new outfit, couldn't wait for my turn. When my turn came I stood up so proud and show them all then everyone laugh I looked around and couldn't figure out who or what they were laughing at.  Then it came to me they were laughing at me I turn every shade of red, sat down really fast just wanted to cawl under my desk and never be seen or heard from again.  Then a few seconds later the teacher said ok class we are done showing and telling, now its movie time. The next thing I knew someone was writing on the back of my shirt I turn around and the teacher yelled at me. I said so and so wrote on my new shirt she said no there head is down. Once again I was in the spot light not my choice and it was my fault. No one believe me.  So, I sat there so sad, wanting to cry this is my shirt I am proud. Then they started writing on it again, I knew I couldn't say anything the teacher wouldn't believe me so I sat for a few minutes then I move my desk up little and of course the desk had to make a noise to get the teachers attention this time the teacher came and move me, she thought she was punishing me, but what she didn't know was she was helping me. I try to explain it to her and she told me to sit here and be quiet.  I sat there I couldn't get in the movie I knew I had to go home and explain to my parents what happen to my shirt there was no way I could get the markers out at school.   The rest of the day I just stayed to myself with my head low and keep asking my self why am I here. Do I enjoy this? No I am here because my parents say I have to be. Why?    Well the bell finally rang time to go home.  I knew once I enter that big yellow monster bus I was in for more bully and trouble.  So, I stay in the back of the line being the last one hoping and praying no one would see me so I could go home in peace for once.  Once I got on the bus I took the  very first seat behind the driver and sat very low hoping no one would see me.  Well that didn't last but 2 mintues if that long. Next thing I knew my hair was being pulled, gum put in my hair and people calling me names. I sat there like I was dead and cried softly and wondering why, what did I ever do to you all. I am sitting here not saying a thing. Yes, I don' t have the right clothes on I understand they aren't  name brands but I am proud of them. Yes, I understand I am short and don't have the prefect body, yes I understand I don't live in the right house, yes I understand we don't drive the right cars. But, hey I am ok with it I am not bothering anyone why are you all picking on me.  Well the time came for me to get off the bus not only did I have to explain my shirt but now I had gum in my hair.  Well when I got home I went right to my room to change my shirt. I took it off I was so proud of the shirt it was so pretty but now it was mess I cried and cried and thought why I never did anything to them.  I took the shirt down to the bathroom and try washing it out by hand but no it wouldn't come off. Of course it had to be permanent markers I knew I had to face my parents and tell them. They worked hard for it. Well then I look in the mirror and seen my long curl hair and that big use piece of gum and knew I had to try to get that out first I really didn't want to have to tell them about this too. So, I pulled and pulled and it didn't come out.  You see they not only put it in my hair they smashed it in good. So, I went and got scissors and cut it out. Wow it left a nice bald spot on the side of my head.  I looked up to God and said Lord why?  I cried it seem like hours but it was only minutes then I wash my face went and told my parents.   Well I got in trouble for cutting my hair sent to my room.  I was so upset I never wanted to go back to school but I knew I had too. 

Yea, I know the saying put the big girl panties on and deal with it. But, how much does one deal with it before they say enough is enough. If you never been in these shoes you will never know. .To this day I have trouble meeting and trusting people. I stay to myself and watch what I say. I don't know if I ever will trust people I don't know.   Daddy Wolf had a hard time getting me to trust him.  Thank God he didn't give up on me.  I hold alot in to this day, many days I wish I had someone I could trust to talk too and know they wouldn't make fun of me because I did something or  said something.  They would be there to help me not hurt me.  But, I given up on that.  I just talk to Daddy Wolf but don't want to put it all on his shoulders so try not to tell him alot even though he knows most of it.  
So,  back to the question that started this thread will it ever stop?  My answer is NO.  I wish it would, I pray it would.  I wish and pray I never had to hear about another child being bully again.  But, like I said when you have alot of people together there always has to be a clown in the group.
I could write many stories about my wonderful years in school.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rest in Peace My Class mate.

Rest in Peace Sharon Jo Campbell Workman. You were a great classmate, friend, mother, wife, daughter, aunt, sister list goes on and on and you were fighter to the end. Know that you were loved and will be miss by many.
I now hope you are pain free and in a better place.  
God be with your wonderful family and friends right now. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Mama Wolf caught this cold from the students I been teaching. Trying to get over it. The cough and all is hard part of it. I know with rest and plenty of fluids it will be go soon. I hope. 
Daddy Wolf and the little Wolfs took over Wolf Bay High today and let me sleep and rest. It was great day wish I wasn't sick. 
Sometimes there has to be some pebbles in the road we have to kick out of the way to get to the other side.
I hoping tomorrow will be better day at Wolf Bay High.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Substitute Teacher

If someone would of told me a few years back I would be a Substitute Teacher, I would of laugh at them and told them no way. Wow! You never know what life will bring or what that turn in road will be up a head. 
I started Substitute Teaching the middle of September and been working alot.  Do, I like it? Yes so far so good. Yes, there are some that try to see how far they can pull my string. But, didn't we all try that once or twice in life. Other then that they are really good children. 
So, life at Wolf Bay High has taken a turn. The girls do most of there school while Daddy and Mommy Wolf are working and when we get home we finish it up.  Its working out great. 
So far so good. But, the little Wolf education is the most important thing so if something starts to slip I will close shop as a substitute teacher to finish off the little Wolf school. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Doesn't Mother Nature Know?

Doesn't Mother Nature know its fall?  Wow maybe I need to have a talk with her. Its the end of October and it's in the 90's down here.  One day we will get some cool weather. 

Busy day at Wolf Bay High.  Girls were busy in school will do Math when Daddy Wolf gets home. 
Homemade stew in the slow cooker with home made bread.

Mama Wolf is fighting a cold. Its going around I don't know where I got it. Its not from the cold weather because its not cold down here. Must be something in the air.  Worked all day went well. Off to bed. Hope you all have a great night.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Busy Sunday at Wolf Bay High!

Wow! woke up, hit the floor and off to work I went.  Cooked all morning long. Got all the cooking done for the week. Washed 5 loads of clothes, got the girls school ready so they know what to do when I am not here. Clean floors. Now washing the grey out of my hair.  I don't know where it comes from, but it seems to come back fast. LOL
Now I think its time for Daddy Wolf to smoke some sausage and then I think I  might sit and rest some. Busy work week this week. Thank God I got some work hope it keeps up.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shhh don't tell Daddy Wolf!

Shhhhhhh don't let Daddy Wolf know that I wrote this. LOL   He made supper tonight and it was great. He always tells me he can't cook my oh my it was great. He made stuff pork chops with bake potatoes. We all told him it was good. He just don't care to cook much. 

Had a great day. Mess around cleaning and went shopping to get ready for another busy week next week. 

Keeps us going and young. LOL 

Friday, October 22, 2010


We all love Fridays don't we. But, then before we know it Monday will be here and we all will be sitting around saying is it Friday yet. Another busy day at work. All went well today, just along day. But, hey have to have them once in awhile or life would be no fun. 
Windy here today saying the hurricane out there is suppose to miss us.  We need to keep our eyes open  till it is gone those things have a mind of there own and don't care what we say or what we want them to do. 
It could bring us a little rain and some cool air that would great.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wonderful trip to the grocery store today!

Did I tell you all I love coupons, well if I didn't I do.. You know with money hard to come by now days and work not the best. I have been doing everything I can to make life as easy as I can for my family.  I have been really good with coupons.   I start by making a weekly menu, then I check the freezer and  my pantry to see what I have and what I need to get.  If I need something more, I then check my coupons to see if I have any coupons,  if not then I go on  whatever I am looking for website and check for coupons there. For example if I need soup for a dish I go to campbells website and see if they have coupons. Well today I went to the store and my total was $123.89, I then handed the lady my coupons and got it down to $31.09 that is with trash bags, cat food, toilet paper and paper towels. You should of seen Daddy's Wolfs eyes when I should him how much I save.  Well off to find more coupons. Going on bear hunt.  I guess I should say coupon hunt.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It just seems like its something that will always be there when you have a lot of people together. 
I was bully all the way through school. I remember going home and going to my room and crying and asking God why do I have to live like this.  I never wanted to go school, and when I was there I didn't care I was to busy trying to keep my self from getting picked on, or being called names,or my locker tape shut or things like that. It was a rough high school I would never want to live it again. I remember praying my life away and that is so sad as life is so short.  I remembering praying one night and told God just get me through high school and I am moving far away and never coming back. Boy, I made it and I don't go back much.  
People or other students just don't get what they do to people when they call others name or pick on them.
Yes, life is not a bowl of cherries and we all have to fight for everything we want but do we really have to call others name or pick on others because they don't look like someone you want them to look like or can't drive the right car, or live in the right house.  God, made each and everyone different, Thank God for that and we need to remember that.  I really wish the bully would stop, its so sad you turn on the news and hear about all the young ones shooting them self or hanging them self.  Its sad all because they didn't fit in.   Well if they are happy with what they are doing, we need not to worry about it. 

I am so glad I homeschool my girls, as bully doesn't seem to be getting any better.  I taught my girls and tell them a lot. We all are different some of us wear  green pants, others wear pink ones but that doesn't matter they are still human we need to not worry about what they do and be happy with our self and what we got.  Never judge someone by what they wear, what church they go too. I meet a lot of super people from all walks of life and believe me, I will tell  you,I know some that work hard for everthing and are the sweetest people others like them who are wow.   Same with the rich. I just go on with my life and they go on with there's.  I just wish there was something we or someone could do to stop the bully in the young ones. It's hard for us to understand but when you are young its even harder to understand.  I am walking proof.  Still don't understand why I was bully so much in school.  I think its because we didn't have the right money for everything, and my father drank a lot. Those are the only things I can think of.  But, believe me its a scar me, I will wear that the rest of my life, yes it does fade but never goes away.  So, sad I hope those that pick on me are now thinking of it and wishing they didn't.. Many times I wonder if my life would be different if I wasn't bully in school. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Difference!

Packed the Wolf Gang up and off we went camping for the week end up to hill country. It is so pretty up there, lots of trees and cool weather.  We sat around the camp fire both nights enjoying the wonderful heat and eating smores they are so good.  Daddy wolf and Mama wolf had a couple adult drinks.
We took a big hike up a trail that was 4.9 miles long it was so pretty seeing all the neat wildlife and plants, meeting a lot of wonderful people.
Daddy Wolf and I were talking one night by the camp fire how different people are camping then in the city which we live in. You can leave everything out while you are gone hiking and come back and everything will be there, nothing touch. Try that in the city. Don't work that way.  Wow! just like night and day people are there.  People are so friendly, we meet a lot of wonderful people and had some good grill outs. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

confused but then I think alot of people are!

There's been alot of things going around on facebook about people posting unhappy things. If you can't post something nice don't post. WOW!  I thought that was a big slap in alot of peoples face.
I think everyone on facebook has post something about the weather being bad or good. About having trouble with this or that.  I never see it as complaining  or not posting something nice. I love hearing from all facebook friends and family I love hearing how there weather is good or bad. I love to hear how there children are doing good or bad.  Even how there marriage is doing.  Yes, some days there is more rocks in the road that some have to climb to get through.  That is what I thought friends and family were for, to be there to support you. Unless I miss un stood the whole thing.  
It just hit me wrong I guess because I have always held everything in.  Since I been fifteen and lost my father right in front of me. To the time I was kidnap.  Yes, I could on and on but I try not to bother people with my life.  Some days I will admit I wish I had someone to talk too and get some of this off my shoulder and not always on my husband and girls. I am so glad to have them they are wonderful and the best thing that ever happen to me.   

I just want all my friends and family know its fine with me to post whatever you feel you need to post good or bad. I understand we all don't have good days, weeks or months. But once we climb that hill all is well. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So Cute!

People will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel."

To:               YOU
Date:            TODAY
From:           GOD
Subject:        YOURSELF
Reference:    LIFE 

Now, you have a nice day.


Homeschooling at Wolf Bay High

Off today for some more studying at Wolf Bay High. Today we are studying Biology with Big Daughter Wolf.  Learning all kinds of things about our body. Wow!  alot of names out there. You wonder where they come up with all those names and why they have to be so big and how to say. It seems the bigger the name and the harder to say the name is the worst. Wow! 
Baby Wolf Daughter, is studying Earth Science with Daddy Wolf and they are going to town. Baby Wolf and I worked on some more of her driving she has to do another course on line to get her license in the state of Texas alot of it is repeats some of the things they ask: you say what does that have to do with driving but like I told Baby Wolf there must be a point we just don't see it right now so we need to learn and do our job and get on.  Some days we all just want to shake our heads and say wow what was that about or what did that have to do with that. But, we always seem to put our heads together and get through it. 

Keep smile Tomorrow is another day!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another day at Wolf Bay High!

Wow!  As these little Wolf daughters get older, life gets busy. I thought they were busy when they were younger, yes it was, now its busy in a different way.  Always something to do and get done. With Mama Wolf going back to work it doesn't slow us down here in Wolf Bay but it keeps us busy and out of trouble. Or like Daddy Wolf says out of the bars. LOL
But, we are having so much fun doing it.  Baby Wolf has been busy driving all over the place she is getting really good. Today took me to town for tea and to get the mail. It was so cute we were coming back home and a cop pull in behind us, poor thing I thought she would crap her pants. So, being a Mama Wolf I wanted to keep her mind busy and not get all nervous and mess up so I said wouldn't it be neat if he pulled you over. She goes Mom no.  Then we both laugh it was cute.  Now we will take the baby Wolf over the big bridge to the big city soon. Once she gets a few more hours under her belt. 

Big Wolf Daughter is busy finishing up her senior year and getting everything in.  She is taking sewing and doing great. Thanks to a great friend of ours in IL. who has been giving us pointer on the phone. Thanks Mama C you rock girl.  
Went out to mow the lawn today and came in sweating like I never sweated before. Went and look at the calendar yep its October.  Tell that to mother nature she had other plans and wanted it to be 90 out today. 
Put a Italian Beef in slow cooker tonight then made mash potatoes and throw the beef on top of the potato it turn out great.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Great Day at Wolf Bay High!

Big daughter Wolf got a 100 on her History  Exam, and 95 on her sewing exam.  Yea, we are getting closer and closer to the end and its scary me. I keep looking at her and wondering where all the time, went and how she grew up so fast. I am bless to have her home with me all these years and to teach her. But, it will be a very sad day when she says good bye.  I do know we all have to go through that sometime in our life.  Baby Wolf woke up this morning and wanted to garage sale so off we went. Wow, they are bad over price and nothing worth it.  Then we came home and mess around most of the day then I try a new dish for our dinner tonight it was pasta and shrimp went over well. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Busy at Wolf Bay High!

Just busy here at Wolf Bay High, taking tons of exam. Ok not a ton, but the little wolf's think it is.
Baby Wolf took one in English and Math this week. Got a 95 in English and 85 in Math.  Big daughter Wolf took a Spanish one and got 95 she has History and Sewing tomorrow.   Seems like all the Wolf's been doing is studying and trying to get smarter.  Learning new words in the Spanish book, and trying to put nouns,verbs and adverbs where they should be.  Learning about all the World History of the World and why American has something or does anything for each Country.. learning alot.

Then we are busy with the new student Lilo she likes eating paper and chasing pencils all over the school room.  Not a very good student yet. Maybe with time she will get better.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Busy Day today!

What a nice cool day at Wolf Bay High today. Busy with school and getting it all in. So much to learn and so little time to get it all in. The girls are so busy with everything.   Took mustang back into shop to get fix again. This time hopeful will be done right.  Little Lilo (our new kitty) is adjusting very well to the house. Seems to think she is bigger then she is.  

Monday, October 4, 2010

Written by a Cop!

> **read this. It may save your life or a loved one's.**
> *In daylight hours, refresh yourself *
> *of these things to do*
> *in an emergency situation...*
> *This is for you,*
> *and for you to share*
> *with your wife,*
> *your children,*
> *everyone you know.*
> *After reading these** 9 crucial tips**,*
> *forward them to someone you care about. *
> *It never hurts to be careful*
> *in this crazy world we live in. ** *
> *
> **1.** **Tip from/ Tae Kwon Do/ :*
> *The elbow* *is the strongest point*
> *on your body.*
> *If you are close enough to use it, ** ** do! * *
> **2..** Learned this from a tourist guide.*
> *If a robber asks* *for your wallet and/or purse,*
> *Toss it away from you....*
> *Chances are* *that he is more interested*
> *in your wallet and/or purse* *than you,*
> *and he will go* * for the wallet/purse. *
> *3.** If you are ever thrown* *into the trunk of a car,*
> *kick out the back tail lights ** ** and stick your arm out the hole*
> *and start waving like crazy..*
> *The driver won't see you,* *but everybody else will. *
> *This has saved lives.*
> *4.** Women have a tendency* *to get into their cars*
> *after shopping, eating, working, etc., * *and just sit*
> *(doing their chequebook, or making a list, etc. *
> *The predator* *will be watching you,* *and this*
> *is the perfect opportunity ** ** for him to get in*
> *on the passenger side,* *put a gun to your head, *
> *and tell you where to go.*
> If someone*
> *is in the car*
> *with a gun*
> *to your head*
> *Repeat:*
> *Instead gun the engine*
> *and speed into anything,* *wrecking the car. *
> *Your Air Bag will save you.*
> *If the person is* * **in the back seat *
> *they will get the worst of it** **.*
> *As soon as the car crashes *
> *bail out and run.*
> *It is better** **than having them* * find your body*
> *in a remote location.*
> *5.** * *A few notes about getting*
> *into your car in a parking lot,*
> *or parking garage:*
> *A.)** Be aware:*
> *look around you,*
> *look into your car,*
> *at the passenger side floor** ** , *
> *and in the back seat.*
> *B.)** If you are parked next to a big van,*
> *enter your car from the passenger door* *.*
> *Most serial killers attack their victims*
> *by pulling them into their vans ** ** while the women*
> *are attempting** ** to get into their cars.*
> *C.)** Look at the car*
> *parked on the driver's side* *of your vehicle, *
> *and the passenger side...* *If a male is sitting alone*
> *in the seat nearest your car, ** ** you may want to walk back*
> *into the mall, or work,* *and get a*
> *guard/policeman* *to walk you back out. *
> *IT IS ALWAYS B ET TER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY. (And better paranoid
> than dead.)*
> *6.** ALWAYS* *take the elevator*
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> *Stairwells are horrible places** ** to be alone*
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> *7.** If the predator has a gun*
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> *4 in 100 times;* *and even then,*
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> *RUN,* * Preferably **in a zig -zag pattern!*
> *8.** As women,* *we are always trying*
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> *on the sympathies* *of unsuspecting women. *
> *He walked with a cane,* * or a limp,* *and often*
> *asked* *'for help'* *into his vehicle* *or with his vehicle, *
> *which is when he abducted* *
> his next victim.*
> *9.** Another Safety Point:*
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> *The lady* *then said that* *it sounded like the baby *
> *had crawled near a window,* *and she was worried *
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> *10**. Water scam!*
> *If you wake up in the middle
> of the night to hear all your taps outside running or what you think
> is a
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> outside taps full ball so that you will go out to investigate and
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> Stay alert, keep safe, and look out for your neighbours!*
> *Please pass this on*
> *This* * **e-mail should probably* *be taken seriously because *
> *the Crying Baby ** T heory* *was mentioned on*
> *America** 's Most Wanted* *when they profiled*
> *the serial killer in Louisiana **
> I'd like you* *to forward this* *to all the women you know. *
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> *
> **Send this* *to any woman you know* *that may need *
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> *Everyone should take 5 minutes to read this. It may save your life or*
> *a loved one's life*

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Great Day at Wolf Bay High!

Woke up to a nice cool day in the 60's couldn't get any better then that. 
Daddy Wolf got busy changing break pads on the van, keep him busy.
I was busy cleaning and sweeping out the garage while he was working.
Then I made a wonderful breakfast for the gang. Then laid down for a long winter nap. Going to leave you all with a little thought. 

You are more important than you realize. If you've ever questioned whether what you think, say or do has value, stop! Your opinion counts, your words matter and your actions make a difference. Each and every day, through the lives you touch, you make this world a better place. Thank goodness you're here! It wouldn't be the same without you! 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Student at Wolf Bay High!

Today Baby Wolf went to play at a friends house and called me and told me there was a little kitty stuck in a tree at her friends Grandma's place.  They got the kitty out and she wanted to know if she could bring it home.  So, when I went to pick her up the poor kitty was so hungry and crying for food, so load her up and brought her back to Wolf Bay High.  We named her little Miss Lilo.  She is a ham so far. Our other cat doesn't know what to think. But, with time he will adjust.  I am sure they will be buds.  Welcome to Wolf Bay High Miss Lilo get ready for school on Monday.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nice Article about homeschooling!

I haven't been watching this but a good friend sent me this link on homeschooling that was on the Today show. Nice story about homeschooling its great to see something nice for a change about homeschooling.
 or try this one

When it Rains it Rains Spiders.

So gross is all I can say. They were talking on the news the other day about how spiders were coming down from the sky and making webs as they do like parachute.  So, Gross right. Well the other day when I came home from work, the girls came outside and those darn things were coming out of the sky making webs all over the place, in our hair, on our car, tree, sidewalk. Looks like a spooky Halloween or a Horror Movie. Just gross.  I have seen alot but never seen that before.  Just makes me love Texas more and more.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall is here at Wolf Bay High!

Wow the last couple of mornings woke up to temps in the 60's fall is here.  We are so happy here at Wolf Bay High to say bye bye 100 plus temp. Those temps. get to you after a while.  Now we get to enjoy the cooler weather and camp more, before it was to darn hot to camp and enjoy our self. Try having a bomb fire when the temps are over 100 just want you want to do is build and make more heat, and sit by the fire and eat smore with sweat pouring off you don't think so.

Baby Wolf went yesterday day and got her permit so we have another driver in our home. She did wonderful on the test was little nervous but did great then drove me home on the four lane highway. She is a good little driver.  Wow both Wolf's are now driving where did the time go. 


Monday, September 27, 2010

Mama Said life is like a box of chocolate you never know what you will get!

That saying is so true.  You just have to think about it. You never know what you will get. ( unless you are one of those that pokes the bottom and if its not your flavor put it back like nothing happen)
Sometimes that is a good thing.  Its nice to have surprise but then again sometimes it would be nice to know.  

Like today we found out Baby Wolf will have to take her Drivers Ed class all over, because the state made a mistake.  Like I told Baby Wolf it might be a pain but we will get through it. If that is the smallest hill we have to climb in awhile we are doing great. 

Big Daughter Wolf is getting excited almost done with her World History book, took her two years she is ready to put that book on the shelf for awhile and get on with other things. 

Weather sure did a change her in Wolf Land went from beginning in the 100's to only 80's today with very low humidity it was nice to open up the house, let the cool air flow through out the house.  Was only 64 when we got up this morning come on winter. We love you. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cooler weather ahead!

You know they say if you are patient enough things do come around. Well we are finally suppose to be getting some cooler weather I sure hope so. Would be nice to once again open windows and smell the wonderful smell that come with fall. Hear the kids play outside again.   
We took the swimming pool down yesterday.  Time for winter and this last wind and rain storm did a mess on it, it was easier to take it down and put it away then start all over again. We will put it up again in the spring.  Bye bye pool we had fun with you see you later. Now time to get the hot tub up and going. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Been Busy at Wolf Bay High!

I will try to fill you all in on whats been going on at Wolf Bay High. First Baby Wolf has to do drivers ed all over again as they sent us the wrong package. Well I try fighting but you get to a point sometimes its best just to bite the bullet and do so we will. Told Baby Wolf it should go fast for her. These darn laws its hard to keep up with all the changes.  About as bad as the weather changes in a blink of eye.  But, its a small hill and we will climb that hill together and it will make us stronger as we are climbing to the top. 

My mustang is still  in shop they are fixing the brakes said they don't know how were driving and how we made it without getting hurt. Told them some one up above us was watching us and watching us close. Hopeful that baby will be back in our hands again next week. 

Big daughter wolf is busy with all her studies too its her Senior year and she is busy getting everything in and done. She is one of the students that wants to do it all. 

Daddy Wolf is busy at work and helping me with the little wolfs and school.  He does the Math and Science with them and History.  They have so much fun in together its great to see them work together. 

This is our little Morning Dove we took in and nurse it back to health. It had a broken wing.
On Thursday the Little Dove fly off. The smile on both Wolf's face was priceless. It flow way to other doves. We kept it and nurse it for a week and then it was ready to go home.  Bye, little Dove take care it was joy, you bought smile to the little Wolf's face each day they came to see you and seen you were getting better and around more and more each day. 

Well we had a big change at the Wolf House. Mama Wolf went to work in the real world after 18 years home.  Ok I know what you all are saying lazy, no its not that way. I was a caregiver to two family members, a teacher to the Wolf pups, cook, housekeper, taxi driver, wow the list goes on. The day went well. I will be only working part time. Need to still be home to help the Wolf pups finish there school. They did well the first day I was gone. Gave them a list of things that need to be done with school. Came home all was done that they could do until Daddy and Mama Wolf got home to help them. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is it Monday again?

Well today start off like any Monday should.  Oh no its not Monday its Wednesday someone needs to tell Murphy that I think he thought it was Monday. 
Any way Big Daughter Wolf got up this am and decide she wanted to go to Rockport for breakfast before school. I thought what a better way to start the day off. Baby Wolf had Exam in Math. Big Wolf was studying for a Exam in Spanish so before we would put all our Wolf heads together and hit the books we thought we start out with a nice warm breakfast. You know they always say a good breakfast is the great way to start the morning off.  Big Daughter Wolf started driving and was doing great then we got to the place got out to get our donuts and when we got back in the car I smell something like burn rubber.  We couldn't find anything so got on our way and as we leaving the car felt like someone was pulling me back and I wanted to go forward. Got Daddy Wolf on the phone and he said he didn't know then as we were talking the breaks went we lost all breaks. We got into a bank parking lot and called for a tow truck. Wow we were lucky or some one up above was watching us. 
No one was hurt and we didn't hit anything.  WOW that was a close one.  Anyway we called Daddy Wolf he came to get us so we go home and do school and they could took our car to the doctors  to get fix.  Poor thing.  I am sure it will be fine.  Just need some work.  We all get that way after a while. Came back home and way we went to studying and Baby Wolf got a B on her Math and Big Wolf is still studying her Spanish will take test on Friday.  Baby Wolf then went working on writing for school she is so funny had to write a letter to friend any friend. What she is doing is getting practice for her big paper.  She brings the letter for me to read and look over. I laugh so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants.  This is how it kind of went  Dear Kimmy I wonder if what all this school is about? Will it help save my life if I was in accident? How will Grammar help then?
Well I don't know I guess us kids are going to have to grow a back bone and just do it.  That's ok I only have 9 1/2 more years of school left. Bring it on. LOL she is to funny. 

Big Daughter Wolf went and did the rest of her work and then she been drawing away. Last night we went to a college night here in town, they had tons of college from all over for them to look at she was so excited and fell in love with a couple so we will look into them more. 
So, our day wasn't to bad at Wolf Bay High it could of been alot worst but we learn alot today and learn that tomorrow will be another day!  Bring it on!

Go all the way to the bottom of the page to see the picture of my car. Sorry it went all the way down there I don't know why? Will try and figure it out later.