Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Melt Down!

I learn today you can't please everyone and don't try and I mean don't try.

The only people you should please is your family and the rest can fly a kite.   You can only do so much, if they don't like it oh well they don't understand.

Sometimes bending over backwards... giving up you time.. caring and be nice is just not enough for some people.

Some people just don't like the idea of others helping or doing the job they think they are the only one but can't do it and when others come to help have a  hard time letting the wall/gate down for the other one to come in..  

You see asking for help is not a bad thing.... its not a sign of weakness or anything its a sign saying please I just can't do it a little help is nice..

I am the type of person that gives my whole 100 percent to anyone and everyone I don't know why because I am the one who always ends up with the slap in the face.. 

I decided after today I was not going to say much to anyone anymore just answer question with easy answer like yes or no.. never giving more because you will be the one hurt..

When you go do your job just do it and nothing more even if it means you sit for hours till its time to clock out..

I have been slapped one to many times I am done with people and things I am a loner and will remain that way.

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