Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What happen to our music?

I am either getting older or music isn't what it use to be when I grew up?
I listen to country music alot and alot more with my job, as I travel alot up in the mountains and my radio is always going.

When I am listening to the music, they don't sound country they all sound the same...  What happen to the good old country music?

You use to be able to turn on the radio and knew the name of the singer right away by the sound of there voice. 

Now they all sound the same.. its hard to tell who is singing and none of them have a voice that is stand out all plain and simple..

Carrie Underwood can carry a good tune just wish she would go back to the old country music instead of pop...

Bring back the old country music put the pop some place else.


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